Sublimation Ink Vs Pigment Ink | Key Distinctions | Pros & Cons

Sublimation Ink Vs Pigment Ink | Key Distinctions | Pros & Cons

Sublimation vs pigment ink! Which one is better? Well, both sublimation and pigment inks are the two top-rated inks in the printing industry, having closely related rankings in every other factor. They have the most vibrant results in an impressive pixelated at a faster speed. While, both the inks have a hefty list of benefits, it’s

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Can You Sublimate in Sections

Can You Sublimate in Sections? Tiles | Posters | Mural

Sublimation printers today have a limited printing size and the best they can go is 13 x 19. Definitely not the size you can sublimate blankets or doormats, and that’s why the question arises  “can you sublimate in sections?” often from Beginners or Epson and Sawgrass owners. Well, you can do sublimation in sections but

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Sublimation Vs Heat Transfr

Sublimation Vs Heat Transfer – Thorough Analysis

When it comes to decorating apparel or any other material, there are multiple ways to do it. But the most widely used methods of printing aesthetic-looking designs on clothes and other accessories are Sublimation and Heat Transfer. This gives rise to the question that which method is better for printing. So a comparison of sublimation

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How To Remove Sublimation Inks from shirts

How to remove Sublimation Inks from Shirts | Shocking Hacks

We round up surprising and the easiest methods for how to remove sublimation inks from shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, and other fabrics.  To err is human and sublimation constantly reminds you that, either by half transfer, blurred prints, faded designs, color bleeds and ghosting, and even wrong color outputs. Even if all works fine, you’d

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Best Sublimation Inks

Best Sublimation Inks | for Epson, Sawgrass and Ricoh

In the midst of printing out your favorite logo for your coffee mug, and BOOM! Your printer ran out of ink. Well, we’ve been in this exhausting situation a lot, and believe us, it’s always a task finding the right sublimation ink for the sublimation printers.  Having 4 sublimation printers currently, we’ve tried about 15

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5 ways for How To Remove Sublimation Inks For Mugs

5 ways for How to Remove Sublimation Inks for Mugs

Among all the sublimation substrates, ceramic remains the most rigid surface to hold up sublimation ink. That’s joyful news until you run into the following situations.  Got blurry prints as a result of overheating.  Bleeding and ghosting of ink.  Print fading out.  Simply hate the design now!  Now things get heated, and the trouble gets

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