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Press Sublimation 

Greetings everyone and welcome to Press Sublimation, the only site making unbiased and honest reviews of the Sublimation Printers, Accessories, and apparel.  

First of all, I’m really glad that you are here wanting to know more about what Press Sublimation actually is, and when we say Sublimation Printers, we really meant those that were actually built to perform and support sublimation art with ease and style. 

In the era of constant change and evolution in terms of technology, a lot of people rely on authentic information about printers. Here, Press Sublimation comes into play in order to offer its services in the form of genuine reviews.

Though here we support quality, originality, and the standard of the product you are getting, and thus, we posted reviews and informative stuff, particularly for the artists who are obsessed with sublimation. 

Press Sublimation came into being solely for the reason of product reviews of printers which would help not only individuals who would sublimate in their leisure time but also the individuals with their own startups for sublimation printing and help them grow. We are based in Dallas, Texas.

Our Mission:

“To provide the sublimation enthusiasts with original, and legitimate sublimation accessories, equipment, and supplies reviews along with a detailed explanation of all the characteristics and features.” 

Along with that, we also sue to provide informative guides and procedures regarding sublimation, several crafting projects, and tips and tricks to give our readers a gateway to turn their fantasies into reality. 

Emily Thompson—Founder: 

Emily Thompson
Emily Thompson

As written above, my name is Emily Thompson, and I’m the person behind the all colorful site that you guys know as Press Sublimation. Well, I have been doing arts and crafts since I was a child, and over time the hobby grew so enormously that we have started doing it professionally, or let’s say I pursue the interest of art as my passion which also led me to do Bachelor in fine arts. 

I personally own a store where I design clothes for both men and women. That store introduced me to the arts of sublimation because the shirts we put on my outlet are designed and sublimated by one of the printers that I have reviewed down on this site. As one of my keen interests, I also enjoy doing social work and contributing to the betterment of the work because what’s an artist is without relating to the realities of the world and changing them to the colors of their own.

The prime objective behind getting into sublimation printing was that I was always drawn to vibrant colors. Whenever I saw a colorful piece of clothing filled with hues of several shades, it filled my heart with extreme joy. So I thought to myself “Hey Emily! If you like the colors so much, why don’t you figure out a way to make it your way of life?” And so the idea of Press Sublimation clicked in the back of my mind.

Meet The Team:

When I (Emily Thompson) created the website, we were only two people that used to share all the reviews. With the passing time, the team expanded, and now we are a family of 6 people running the entire page. 

Hannah Clarke – Co-founder 2:  

Hannah Clarke
Hannah Clarke

Greetings from Hannah Clarke, you can also call me a sub-freak though! Sublimation for ages has brought me here. Here we share my projects, DIYs, and several sublimation processes to help my fellow craftsman and artists get success with what they love the most. 

Well, I started sublimation before it was even a thing. I don’t remember the exact date, but it was the fall of 2008. The supplies were limited and manual efforts were doubled at that time. So you needed to do everything with tips and tricks and even in that time, I have created various projects and customized my entire house with sublimated bedsheets, pillows, curtains, T-shirts, mugs, and much more!

Now, with Emily, I aim to share all these tips and tricks that align with the current technologies to help the readers make the best of their supplies with excellent results. 

Frankie Walker – Author 1 

Frankie Walker
Frankie Walker

Hello, it’s Mr. Frankie Walker. I started sublimation a few years back. Though, I love collecting all the sublimation supplies. I personally own a full cupboard of accessories, including inks, paper, vinyl, glitter HTV, different types of blanks, and more that I could try for sublimating. 

Here, at press sublimation, I usually write reviews of all the new supplies that come to the market. I further share my experience with them since I love testing and trying new things! 

Daisy Palmer – Author 2

Daisy Palmer
Daisy Palmer

This is Daisy Palmer. I love art and had this crazy dream of dying the entire world with vibrant colors. This is where my interest was built for sublimation and got polished when I joined press sublimation. Here I can share all the sublimation ideas and procedures that result in success to fulfill my dream.  

Stanley Holmes – Author 3

Stanley Holmes
Stanley Holmes

Hi, this is Stanley Holmes, and my work here is to test all the printer and heat press machines specifically. I basically love staying in the commercial area where I can print and press the entire thing. Dealing in the technicalities and scrutinizing the sublimation machines is where my passion lies and I give all the facts regarding that so the readers are able to self-examine these complicated tools easily and wisely. 

Harvey Matthews – Author 4 

Harvey Matthews
Harvey Matthews

Hi, I recently joined press sublimation and my name is Harvey Matthews. Though, my role is to contribute to the experiments, proofreading the articles that assist not only in correcting all the typos and grammatical errors but also helps everyone here and there.

Why we made Press Sublimation:

In the earlier times when we started sublimation, it took about 5-6 printers after we get to one which actually performs sublimation. Many printers claim to do sublimation, let alone, there are a number of sites that will most likely give you the reviews of the printers saying how beautifully it does sublimation, you get impressed, purchase one, and boom! There’s no option of sublimation there at all. 

It was at this moment we knew what our aim was. We wanted to save time and be of help and service to people who go through a great number of printers only to be left disappointed at the end. As we have suffered a lot at the hands of these “honest reviewers”. we know how difficult it is when you put a lot of time into reading hundreds of reviews and watching thousands of videos to figure out how to make a printer work.

We are passionate and dedicated to our work because we are aware of how much is at stake for our readers who are going through our reviews. We fulfill our mission every time we get to know that one of our readers was successful in printing the designs they desired with the help of our reviews and guides. 

This is the reason why we made this site because we know how hurtful it gets when you don’t get what you wish for after spending massive efforts, especially in the art and craft sector. That’s why we have this biggest desire to help all those sublimation artists and craftsmen to get the right supplies for sublimation, whether it is a printer, paper, or minor accessories because when it comes to the art there can be anything but no compromise on the quality. 

Why trusting Press Sublimation: 

However, a sublimation printer is an exceptionally basic part to purchase considering the value cost it comes at, which is the reason you should search for credible sources prior to putting resources into one.

Here at Press Sublimation, the sublimation supplies are tested, experienced, and checked by our experts as well as lead total examination on every one of the items online through different stages with the goal that you can get a fair and honest audit of the supplies you wish to purchase.

The sole intention behind reviewing all these printers and sublimation supplies is to provide you with all the necessary information about sublimation. This is the reason why before publishing a review about any supplies, we thoroughly proofread each and every single thing about all the specifications so that there isn’t any doubt left in the minds of our readers. 

We additionally consider overgiving total data in regards to specs and elements of the printer and its life expectancy with the goal that you don’t need to look further and can have the option to sort out yourself concerning how the supplies will meet your most extreme necessities.

Likewise, we additionally have specialists’ ideas that we set up in our advisers to assist you with better comprehending them in their specialized terms and in this way settle on a savvy choice in picking what printer matches your requests quite far.

Thank you for stopping by!