ACRYLIC SUBLIMATION – How To Sublimate On Acrylic

Acrylic sublimation or Sublicrylic has been one of the most popular and marketable sublimation that the craftsman can have the most benefits from. However, it can be harder doing it for the first time especially if you are not familiar with acrylic. 


Though acrylic actually is a solid material just like canvas but transparent and more precise and rigid. Though the process of acrylic sublimation is a bit tricky and also requires equipment separately plus, and IMPORTANT ONE, any missed step, you’ll mess it up.

Acrylic Sublimation Tools:

Let’s start with the tools, the most one is the sublimation printer with the sublimation ink and acrylic blanks. Other things include sublimation paper and a heat press machine.

Sublimation printer:

The sublimation printer is, by far, an essential element for this. In fact, that’s the first step you are going to do. The sublimation printer allows you to sublimate the design on a transfer paper or the motifs by using the ink being turned ion gaseous form. And make sure, your sublimation printer has the sublimation ink and you are not running out of it otherwise it’ll get jammed. Also note, regular inks are of no use for sublimation printers. Presuming that you are in need of one, here are the best sublimation printers that’ll help you get one.

Sublimation Printer

Sublimation Acrylic Material:

An acrylic blank is where your final image is going to be. As explained above, it is a hard and transparent structure that comes in various sizes and shapes. Remember that, acrylics come as sublimation acrylic blanks, sublimation acrylic blocks, and even chains so ascertain what size or shape you need to be sublimated.

 Other than mugs or ceramics the design of the sublimation is going to be transferred onto acrylic blank by using a heat press.

Sublimation paper:

With a sublimation printer, only sublimation paper works. Standard papers give smudges and messy results, so it’s wise to go for sublimation papers only. You can also visit the best sublimation papers if you don’t previously have these.

Sublimation paper - Blanks

Heat press machine:

A heat press is a machine that permanently merges the sublimation paper’s design and the acrylic blank. The heat press uses certain levels of pressure and heat that turn the transparent acrylic blank into the pictures and colors that you placed with the sublimation acrylic blanks.

Even though, considering the properties of acrylic some people even ask “can you heat press acrylic” to which the answer is yes you totally can, and make sure that acrylic thing is of good quality.

How To Sublimate On Acrylic

After getting all the tools, you are going to follow these simple steps to get done with acrylic sublimation.

  • First, of all get the printout done with a sublimation printer using sublimation paper and sublimation ink. While doing the sublimation, remember to use only those printers you kept in use for at least 1 day per week to get the best and most accurate sublimation.
  • For dye-sublimation acrylic, the ink and dyes you are using must be of good quality to have the colors you desire.
  • Get the sublimation paper of the same size as of acrylic blank. If any change in the size, the prints won’t match and end up getting wasted both your energy and the material.
  • Make sure you have the acrylic size of the same shape as the paper. There is a lot of variation in that as explained above.
  • You can even do sublimation on acrylic keychain, though, many people prefer using sublimation acrylic blocks for this.
  • Now for the sublimation coating for acrylic, after getting your paper sublimated, attach the paper with tapings with the block, keychain, or any acrylic material for the purpose.
  • In the next step, place the acrylic in the heat press at above 400 temperature. Before you place the design, check out and keep the moist level and pressure in control.

That’s it. This is the whole procedure for sublimation on acrylic. Now you can use this as a gift to someone or as a display of artwork in your favorite rooms.


In the entire world of acrylic accessories and stuff, Acrylic blanks are the most supreme one you can do sublimation on.

Acrylic fabric is not a good option to try sublimation on because of the reason that the fabric won’t go well with the heat. Plus, it’ll also ruin the original fabric quality. Although, you can use socks with them.

You can absolutely sublimate on acrylic keychains under certain necessary measures. Make sure you follow the instructions and steps correctly.

Any transparent acrylic substance is suitable for sublimation printing. Though substances having polyester resin are the most favorable ones.


Acrylic sublimation has got so much popularity and high commercial status due to its attractive look and cheap price. However, as our final words, we’d like to suggest, keeping in mind all these instructions and steps to get better out of your sublimation on acrylic. 

And yes, don’t compromise on any tool and use only those made for sublimation use.


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