Best Sublimation Printer for Cricut | By Epson & Sawgrass

By all means, Sublimation can’t work beyond polyester and ceramics. For cotton, wood, linen, and oddly rigid substrates, a Cricut is the only way that makes the transmission successful with a neat and clear cut and heat transfer. However, in the equation, 50% role is of the best sublimation printer for Cricut or else, everything will be half way just like the smartest rabbit who never won the race.

Best Sublimation Printer For Cricut

Obviously, we need the printers that allow a “heat transfer” which restricts us to only three brands, i.e., Epson, Sawgrass, and Ricoh. Canon, DNP, Brother, and HP have a “dye-sub” lineup which heats the ink during printing and thus there’s no way you can transfer it with a Cricut.

Besides being compatible with pressing, the most perfect Cricut Sublimation Printer incorporates fast printing processors and advanced printing technologies that prints quickly, accurately, and with high resolution. And after the full-fledged market research and technical testing, we got the 5 best units that meet the description and perform likewise.

We’ve divided the list based on the needs of every individual involved in the sublimation business. I.e. small-scale, large-scale, home-use, and photo printers with various media size support. But one thing similar in all of them is the delivering quality at the best so furnish your sublimation businesses just by getting one of these best sublimation printers for Cricut.

By Epson:

  • WorkForce WF-7840 – Best Sublimation Printer for Cricut on a Large-scale
  • EcoTank ET-2760 – Best Cricut Printer for Small-scale Business use
  • Epson EcoTank ET-4800 – Best Mid-Volume Printing

By Sawgrass:

  • Sawgrass SG500 – Most Affordable Cricut Sublimation Printer
  • Sawgrass Virtuoso VJ 628 – for Growing Businesses

1. WorkForce WF-7840 – Best Sublimation Printer for Cricut on a Large-scale

9.9/10 – Our Score

WorkForce WF-7840


  • Connectivity:
    Wi-Fi, ethernet, and wireless
  • Layout size:
    13″ X 19″
  • Color display:
    4.3″ touchscreen
  • Paper Capacity:
  • Printing speed:
    2-3 per minute
  • Resolution:
    4800 x 2400 dpi

Epson WorkForce WF-7840 originally comes as an inkjet printer which supports conversion through sublimation kits and chips. Though installing third-party inks ends the warranty, it’s 10 times worth the unmatchable results the printer provides. 

WorkForce WF-7840 is a wide format printer having media sizes compatible with 13″ x 19″ to support your bigger-sized shirts and cushions. Not just that, the printer also has the borderless printing option making your designs vibrant and exquisite. Apart from that, what we found amazing was the “media handling” of this printer. The printing system is simply flawless, the rollers work smoothly and it can entertain back-to-back prints for several hours–even without jamming and malfunction–which easily ranks it as the best printer for Cricut sublimation.

The wired and wireless connectivity—comprising Wi-Fi Direct, Ethernet, and NFC connectivity adds further value. If the Wi-Fi stops responding after an hour or two (which it may), you can connect the printer through your smartphones and tablets to keep the work going smoothly.

unboxing WF-7840
Epson WF-7840

At 2 pages per minute on the printer’s highest resolution i.e. 4800 x 2400 dpi, the printing speed is a bonus. You can achieve targets with it in no time with greater quality, which borrows you added time for pressing and hence, keep you behind tight deadlines. Incorporated with PrecisionCore printing technology, this printer gives your work a clear and vibrant touch, you could, in fact, see a quality difference between a printout of 7840 and 7720 (its forerunner which is now discontinued).

What’s worth mentioning is the 4.3″ touchscreen that makes the printer easy and handy to navigate. The wider screen makes it easy to read the commands even if you’ve weak eye-sights. The settings are quick and easier. Though, this is one of the valuable features that the EcoTank series lacks in their printer giving the WorkForce an edge!

One more thing is the extensive paper holding capacity. In this version, Epson has upgraded the capacity from 250 to 500 so you’ve high-volume printing at one time settings. Besides, there’s a 125-sheet rear tray to keep special papers, regular ones, vinyls, and other minor accessories.


The Epson WorkForce WF-7820 is quite an incredible printer for the features it offers. However, it’s pricier and comes with a hefty weight. Plus, it uses cartridges, so conversion might be hectic if you’ve never done cartridge cleaning before.

  • 500-sheet capacity tray paired with a 125-rear tray
  • 35-page Auto Document Feeder
  • Prints fast and accurate
  • No connectivity difficulties
  • Economical ink usage
  • It is expensive

Best For:

Overall, WorkForce WF-7840 provides smudge-free and water-proof prints with a great printing speed and resolution. Providing you with gigantic printing volumes and economical use, we can assure you, the business firms can have no better printer than the WorkForce WF-7840 to carry out Cricut sublimation!

2. EcoTank ET-2760 – Best Cricut Printer for Small-scale Business use

9.9/10 – Our Score

EcoTank ET-2760 - Best Cricut Printer for Small-scale Business use


  • Connectivity:
    wireless and wired both
  • Layout size:
    up to 8.5″ x 14″
  • display:
    1.44 color screen
  • Printing speed:
    10.5 ISO ppm(black), 5 ISO ppm(color)
  • Resolution:
    5760 x 1440

Being the best printer for Cricut maker projects, EcoTank ET-2760 rescues you for the features that WorkForce fails to provide. It accommodates you with a halved price of a WorkForce model, besides saving you from cartridge headaches which instantly makes this EcoTank model an immediate hit in the market as the best sublimation printer for Cricut.

Like the WorkForce 7840, it’s not advertised as the sublimation printer by the company. But, it has a successful conversion rate. With the ink bottles, you can just as easily fill up sublimation ink using a syringe and install them–no cleanings, no hectic chips process, just 3 minutes and you’re done.

filling ink tanks of ET-2760

The printer wins for the resolution by printing at 5760 x 1440 dpi making the prints super clear and attractive. The resolution is well-suited for mugs, T-shirts, and even bags and cushions that you want to sublime with attractive colors.

The wireless connectivity makes the printer run flawlessly with no malware issues.However, don’t abuse it by interchanging connectivity options back to back. The 1.44” color screen display brings ease to the user experience as it operates instantly. You’d also enjoy voice-activated printing making the printer up to 20 times easier than the traditional ones. We recommend using voice-activated printing for those who find it difficult reading a 1.44” smaller screen.

Update: The model is discontinued. Now, a similar version is available with the name “Epson EcoTank ET-2850”. However, there’s plenty of stock of ET-2760 on Amazon, so if you get your hands on one, just don’t miss that out.


The printers, no doubt is easy-to-use and provides with the best resolutions, but it doesn’t yield a greater mass of production, i.e. the max it may go is 10 prints in a day, with voluminous time-intervals, otherwise the nozzles get clogged, it may run into connectivity issues, and the worst case=-scenario: gets jammed.

  • 4-color MicroPiezo printing technology paired with PrecisionCore
  • Voice-activated printing
  • Easy to use with 1.44 color display
  • Low-power Consumption
  • Not applicable for commercial use

Best For:

Compact, Cost-effective, and Compelling running ability – that’s how the EcoTank ET-2760 truly is. The printer’s performance and user interface make it an attractive plus to craft workers looking for an entry-level Best Sublimation Printer for the Cricut printer to be used at home.

3. Epson EcoTank ET-4800 – Best Mid-Volume Printing

9.8/10 – Our Score

Epson EcoTank ET-4800


  • Connectivity:
    wireless, ethernet, USB.
  • Layout size:
    8.5” x 14”
  • Printing speed:
    40 seconds per seconds
  • Resolution:
    5760 x 1440 dpi

You must be familiar with this unit, if you previously had an Epson ET-4700. ET-4800 has replaced the ET-4700, and the newer version is just a blessing in a deep white color with improvised paper handling and increased volume printing.

Epson Ecotank ET-4800 content

Like the rest of the Epson EcoTanks, it also features PrecisionCore technology, 1.44” screen and a full-fledged control panel, wireless and wired connectivity. The printer can print up to  5760 x 1440 dpi and the max it takes at that resolution is 40 seconds. It further has an edge for ink and energy usage, the other EcoTanks at the same facets use 2x more energy at this resolution.

The printer entertains 5 paper sizes; from 4” x 6” to 8.5” x 14”. We normally use standard size and we think the printer likes it too, since it caters this paper size more smoothly than the rest. The printer further comes with other features, such as, copying, scanning, and the ADF. Though, it has nothing to do with sublimation, but still a plus, if you’re keeping the printer in an office or having secondary businesses with copying and scanning work.


Sometimes, when going beyond 20 prints, it jams, but leaving the printer for an hour and restarting fixes the issue. In addition, it also has a touchscreen, which isn’t an issue, but compared to the WorkForce and other models, it’s a serious miss. Besides, the paper capacity is limited with 100 sheets only.

  • Improved paper handling
  • Effortless printer setup
  • High-transfer rate with vibrant colors
  • Least jams
  • Not availability of touchscreen

Best For:

If you wanna go a midway between a high-volume and less-hectic machine, then Epson EcoTank ET-4800 is the all intents and purpose you’ve been looking for.

Best Cricut Sublimation Printer by Sawgrass

Previously, Sawgrass had SG400 and SG1000 which gained popularity among a larger portion of the entrepreneurs. In response to its success, Sawgrass created two models; one is SG500 for the smaller-scale ceramic sublimation, and the other one is SG1000, which rocks up fabric customization with its improvised speed, resolution, and more functional interior software. It further kept its lineup with the underrated VJ 628, which provides commercial-level performance in a close-packed design.

4. SAWGRASS SG-500 – Best For Heat Transfer

9.8/10 – Our Score



  • Connectivity:
    wireless compatible
  • Layout size:
    up to 8.5” x 14”
  • Color display:
    30 seconds
  • Resolution:
    4880×1200 DPI

Sawgrass is a well-known sublimation brand that we artists blindly trust. We regard them as the father of “ready-to-go sublimation printers”. As per SG-500, an upgraded version of the Sawgrass SG-400, it’s an easy-to-use printer with many customizable color pallets. Plus, extended standby and easy maintenance make it a better option over other sublimation and Cricut-friendly printers.

It’s not surprising that most of the sublimation printing business owners prefer SG500. In comparison with Epson printers, which require conversion, it always had an upper hand reasonably because it comes pre-installed with sublimation ink, i.e., Sublijet UHD. Sawgrass SG500 is, no doubt, the best sublimation printer for Cricut at a budget.

Then its high-speed printing capability makes it more time-efficient with which you can save time by getting quick outputs. It originally caters 8.5” x 14” size, however, it also is compatible with a bypass tray with which you can extend the width to 51”. Furthermore, it has its custom-built online software for the customization of images and doesn’t require Photoshop, Figma, or any other software. Besides, it comes with Sawgrass’ very own CreativeStudio and PrintManager with free subscription.

In increments, it also provides 128MB of internal memory for fast processing. Besides, vibrant colors make it a better choice for T-shirts, mugs, pillows, phone-cases at a 4880×1200 DPI resolution for fine detailing. With its Subli-Jet-UHD technology, you’ll be able to decorate a wide variety of polymer-coated hard and inflexible substrates.


Its maintenance and running costs are too high. However, if you use the printer on an average resolution, it might work longer.

  • Can print up to 51”
  • Dedicated sublimation software
  • Fast speed at higher resolutions
  • Custom color pallets
  • High-priced run time

Best For:

SG-500 is an ideal option for serious starters stepping into the industry. It’s cutting edge printing technology plus the most comprehendible features, let aside the best customer support is more than everything any sublimation freak could desire.

5. Sawgrass Virtuoso VJ 628 – for Growing Businesses

9.9/10 – Our Score

Sawgrass Virtuoso VJ 628


  • Connectivity:
  • Layout size:
    24” x 24”
  • Printing speed:
    52ft2 per hour
  • Resolution:
    1440 x 1440 dpi

Sawgrass Virtuosos VJ 628 and Sawgrass SG-1000 have always been rivalries. Both the printers come with such exceptional facets that you’d be compelled to go for both. On a serious note, we did that, and found the VJ 628 being more versatile and heavy-duty.

The 8 color cartridges are exactly what makes it stand in the commercial industry between printers worth $90,000. The new blue and orange are a ground-breaking addition in the industry along with taking the elite shades–fluorescent pink and yellow. Other than this, it has 659,327 shades for photo and pro photo printing in the black cartridges. To deal with further color concerns, Sawgrass provides Virtuoso PrintManager along with Wasatch, RIP Profiles Ergosoft,  FlexiSIGN, EFI, and Onyx which means the world can turn upside down but the colors aren’t gonna move from their original shade.

Other than its technicalities, the print “quality” is backed with the ink flows in the printer–the Sublijet UHD. Supplied by the Ricoh, this is the only industry-leading ink for at least 4 years to count that provides no cracks, no fade while permanent vibrancy at its best. The print space is 24” square feet in just 12-15 seconds.

As per its partnership with the Mutoh, VJ 628 features the same engine as the Mutoh’s VJ 1324. It also comes with design softwares, free themes, and active customer care for over a year. Well, SG1000 might save you a few bucks but you get what you paid for. The extra price on the VJ 628 is always worth it for the results, performance, and functionality.


Well, the printer is compact. However, compared to the other options in the list, it still is heavy for a home-use. Besides, the price it demands is a little higher as well, which is why it’s been the most underrated one of the Epson lineup.

  • Widest range of colors
  • Compact design and easy interface
  • Excellent media handling
  • Fast printing at vibrant colors
  • Comes with multiple tech softwares
  • A little bulky

Best For:

Sawgrass Virtuoso VJ 628 is the most compact sized printer for diversified sublimation firms mainly dealing in fabrics. It provides professional image quality plus along with several software which justifies the price well and even repays if you’re building/growing your business with it.

Ricoh Sublimation Printer

Well, Ricoh is the first-ever sublimation-friendly printer’s brand. Their printers were the only gateway with which artists found their way to sublimate their shirts, tumblers, wooden objects, and mugs. However, the reason for not covering any of their printers here is the availability. 90% of the time Ricoh printers are out of stock or unavailable.

Besides that, one main reason is their partnership with the desktop dye-sub printing pioneer–the Sawgrass. Ricoh joined hands with Sawgrass in 2014, and in 2019, it extended its partnership to continue the five-year relationship–the OEM agreement. Ever since the partnership we’ven’t seen much production from the Ricoh side, instead, it continues to contribute high-end supplies to Sawgrass, i.e., ink and cartridges while Sawgrass has updated the lineup with SG500 and SG1000. They’ve further taken down the price, and with the increased production, there might be chances of more well-budgeted Sawgrass printers in the near future.

Purchasing Guide for Cricut Sublimation Printer:

A Cricut compatible printer should have “electric piezo” heads or “hat-free” technology that doesn’t heat the ink during printing so that a Cricut can take the process further and performs what it has to perform, besides providing a clearer and sharp printing resolution with a good speed. The printer also can support various media sizes and doesn’t stop working in between for a connection malware. So how are you going to make sure your printer has the exact features you wanted? Well, here’s the guide to help you out when your aim is to get the Best Sublimation Printer for Cricut;

Printing resolution:

A printing resolution is by far the most important factor when it comes to Cricut sublimation. A minimum resolution of a sublimation printer is marked at 300 DPI which is quite fair if you don’t deal in sublimation businesses. While a higher resolution of up to 1000 DPI is a must-have for business-purpose sublimation.   

Though, some of the Epson and Canon printers offer different resolution options so you can select them in settings whenever you want to print at either low/high resolution.

Printing speed:

Alongside resolution, speed comes as the next essential thing to keep in mind. They interconnect though speed and resolution i.e. the more you’ll go for the resolution, the less speedy will be the printer and vice versa.

Therefore, the first thing is to ask yourself “for what apparel do you want the sublimation on”? If it’s mugs, cushions, and T-shirts then the slower speed at a cost of high DPI resolution is definitely worth it. Otherwise, simple cards, stickers, and compact material (for smaller designs) should have a printing speed of at least 10 prints per minute for a non-frustrated sublimation process.

Media sizes:

Media sizes for the printers vary from 4 x 6 to larger ones as 22×44 inches depending on the format your printer offers i.e. wide or narrow. Depending on your sublimation needs, you can opt for the format. Besides, you can also buy one offering many media sizes to save the risks.


Four and the furious, the Connectivity! To make the printer run flawlessly, make sure it offers various connectivity options like USB, Wi-Fi, wireless as well as Bluetooth, and direct connectivity to the smartphones.


A Cricut sublimation is a process in which you use a sublimation printer for transferring the print to a Cricut machine instead of the heat press. A Cricut machine is used for cutting the design and growing various ready-made templates and designs to ease the process.

Well, the infusible ink in the Cricut machine is merely a sublimation solution that often messes up with the designs. However, using a sublimation printer then proceeding at Cricut Design Space is exactly how it works.

Well, Cricut machines come customized to support different types of apparel i.e shirts, mugs, etc so you can buy a Cricut Mug Press along with a sublimation printer to do Mug sublimation.

Wrap up:

Getting the best sublimation printer for Cricut should have more technological features than the average sublimation printer at a relatively fair price point and we’re hopeful we provided you with one along with the ‌information and considerations for a good purchase. 

To wrap up, here’s the article breakdown; 

The Epson printer lineup includes small-case, large-scale, and home-use printers with greater media size compatibility. However, if you want a dedicated sublimation printer with great volumes, and you’ve a broader road map, then Sawgrass is the way to go.


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