Best Sublimation Printers for T-shirts | T-shirt Printing in 2023

After corona, nearly everyone is getting affected with this new “customized T-shirt” trend. What Statista has predicted is coming true, but it seems the T-shirt printing business will hit the market with more than just 9.6% per expansion, between 2020-2025–record breaking, though. Having the closest view of the T-SHIRT sublimation market, we got the 5 best sublimation printers for T-shirts that help you secure your feet in the industry with higher profitable yields. 

Best Sublimation Printers For T-Shirts

In the market, the equation is; “The best sublimation printer = well-profitable business”

And by the “best” we meant a printer with a minimum resolution of 1200 x 1200, takes just a minute to provide smudge-free prints, consumes ink and energy economically, and gives the ideal user-experience. So far, the three best models with these are the SAWGRASS VIRTUOSO SG1000, Epson EcoTank ET 8550, and DNP QW410. 

Types of sublimation printers for T-shirts: 

Sublimation printers are of two types: Dedicated and converted. Dedicated sublimation printers come with a sublimation inking system, software, and editing app, so the user has the least hassle in setting them up and printing with them. The only problem with these printers is that they are rarely available and expensive. Currently, there are just 3 printers for Sawgrass and 1 from Epson. Epson may launch more on the sublimation printers lineup. 

Sublimation Printers for T-shirts

The best dedicated sublimation printers for T-shirts are: 

  • Sawgrass SG 1000
  • Epson Sure color F170 

The second type of sublimation printed is the converted one. These are Epson inkjet printers with thermal printing technology. Only WorkForce and EcoTank have thermal technology. The rest of the Epson inkjet printer can’t be used for sublimation. In addition, the warranty expires the moment you install third-party ink. If the printer runs into any problem after conversion, you’ve to sort it out by yourself. 

In the Epson converted lineup, the ideal models are: 

  • Epson Ecotank ET 8550 
  • Epson WorkForce WF 7840 

Other than sublimation printers, we’ve got two models of DTG printers for those to whom sublimation is a long and lengthy process, and printing just polyester is a bit too restricted. 

  • DNP QW410 Dye-Sublimation Professional Photo Printer
  • Digital Textile Printer MT-TA3

Finally, we’ve concluded the list with the Ricoh Aficio SG 3110DN sublimation printer. This is a discontinued model and now comes with the name Sawgrass SG-500 ever since the two companies have partnered.

sublimation printers for T-Shirts of 2023 (overview comparison chart)

Best sublimation printers for T-Shirts of 2023 (overview)


Epson EcoTank ET 8550

Best sublimation printers for T-Shirts

Epson EcoTank ET 8550

Editors Choice


Top Sublimation Printer


Best Choice

DNP QW410 dye sublimation printer

sublimation printers for T-Shirts


1. SAWGRASS SG1000 | Most versatile T-shirt sublimation printer

9.8/10 – Our Score


  • Sublimation-compatible features
  • Creative studio and print manager
  • Comes with sublimation ink
  • User-friendly
  • 4880×1200 dpi high-resolution with a good speed

  • App does not work
    after a while

The Sawgrass SG 1000 is a newer model of the SG800 with a cutting edge 4880×1200 dpi resolution and flexible media support for T-shirts and fabric. Similar to the SG500, it comes with 2 years warranty and tech support along with Sawgrass’ very own Sublijet UHD inks. Previously, these units come under the name of Ricoh Aficio. However, since its partnership, the quality shifted to Sawgrass and the printer known as SG1000.

I printed a t-shirt with Swagrass SG-1000

It’s compatible with the accessories of SG800, though. If you’ve leftover ink cartridges, papers, and even a bypass tray, you can easily make use of them in this unit. Originally, SAWGRASS was an 11” x 17” printer, however, a new or old bypass tray can make it up to 13” x 51”. The majority of the producers in the industry prefer remodeling with an added tray. In fact, this tray further adds to the productivity and performance of the printer. 

Although, we already covered its ink in-depth review previously when analyzing the best sublimation inks. And as per its economical use, the ink takes up 34% credit for reduced COP (cost of production). Overall, this printer has a remarkable reputation for saving electric costs, maintenance, and monthly cleaning checkup expense which resultantly rocks up your profits by an added 22% to the average T-shirt printing revenues.

With an improved outlook, it also has an upgraded working system. Compared to its predecessor, the newer model has further reduced energy consumption by up to 12%. Besides that, the printer comes packed with Sawgrass proprietary features, identical to the rest of the printers. These include;

  • Creative studio; Sawgrass’s very own design software that comes with pre-ready design and images, plus a one-year free subscription to use premium features. 
  • 2-year warranty along with lifetime tech support. 
  • PrintManager software for sublimation color profiles. 
  • Compatible with Wi-Fi, ethernet, and smart devices for remote printing. 

Besides the creative studio, the printer is compatible with other premium software, i.e. Photoshop, Illustrator, and CorelDraw. Still, the best part about the printer that elevates it to achieve dramatic success is the DTG technology. It’s the only sublimation printer able to work on both dye-sub technology and direct-to-garment, giving you an edge to cater to a wider audience and legitimately ranking as the best sublimation printer for T-shirts.

The Sawgrass Virtuoso SG1000 is the perfect printer for anyone looking to get into T-shirt sublimation at a broader level with both dyeing and DTG technology. It is the only desktop printer designed for sublimation with low start-up and running costs, it’s easy to create vibrant, customized products quickly and profitably.

2. Epson Surecolor F170 | Best for Entrepreneurs

9.7/10 – Our Score

Epson Surecolor F170


  • Easy installation and setup
  • Active customer service with a year of warranty
  • Bottle ink system
  • Compact size and lightweight
  • Comparatively less price point


  • Only works best for 100% polyester T-shirts

Epson Surecolor is a compact size and well-budgeted sublimation printer that eliminates the biggest headache: the conversion. It comes with Coming from Epson installed with the provided ink, Epson SureColor F170 makes itself the best bet for new entrepreneurs, for its highly-active customer service, easy-to-install guides, and quality output. 


This is a large-format sublimation printer printing papers with a maximum length of 47.2” and 8.5” width. The 1200 x 600 dpi resolution makes sure the colors turn out vivid and bright. There are 4 ink bottles, just like in the Ecotank and WorkForce series in Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. Each bottle lasts for a month for high-volume printing and can be replaced by the Epson for just $25. 

Speaking of EcoTank and workforce models, the size of the F170 has many advantages over its entire series. This printer is just 10 lbs with a compact size. You can easily have two of them in your regular printer workspace. The design is sleek with a finished white color. However, the paper capacity is limited. At one time, it caters to 150 papers only. 

With its mac and windows print software, you can easily connect it to your MacBook or PC. There’s direct Wi-Fi connectivity and this printer, as far as we’ve used, never ran into connectivity issues. It’s our 2nd year with this printer, and overall, F170 wins for the best durability as well, especially for the price it comes at. 

As we put it to the test, we found a quality difference when printing on polyester shirts and cotton-treated shirts. Although the results are typically different, this printer has 2x more reduced color vibrancy. We recommend using this printer specifically for 100% polyester shirts. The low-quality results are because of Epson’s own sublimation ink. It’s, no doubt, good, but not as great as SubliJet UHD. However, they’re still providing much more features in this unit and ease compared to other models.

Let’s put everything together. You can print large-format 47.2” x 8.5” per paper roll. The colors are sharp and vivid backed with 1200 x 600 dpi resolution. It’s compact and lightweight with only 10 lbs weight. If anything goes wrong, you can always reach out to customer service and sort your issues under the 1-year warranty. 

3. Epson EcoTank ET 8550 | high-volume sublimation printer

9.8/10 – Our Score

Epson EcoTank ET 8550

  • Productive ink usage
  • High-resolution printouts
  • Quick and accurate
  • Borderfree printing
  • Comes with an LCD

  • App does not work
    after a while

The Epson EcoTank ET 8550 is a great choice for you if your work involves running prints in bulk on sublimated fabrics. Compared to its predecessor, the 8550 is a wide-format sublimation printer, in the Epson photo printer series. 

Epson EcoTank ET 8550 LCD for navigation
Printout of Epson ET 8550

Well, it’s the easiest-commercial level sublimation printer coming with ink bottles instead of cartridges, which saves you from chips and expensive kits for conversion. Plus, there are 2 extra colors in this, one is dual black, and the other is gray, besides the basic CMYK. Because of its black variety, it has received much popularity for printing shady designs. Also, you can upgrade the printer with fluorescent colors at a little cost, which competes with industrial-level dye-sub printers.

The specs include dual input trays, 1 output, an LCD for navigation, and Wi-Fi connectivity. All of which makes it an incredible model at this price point. On the top, it has a 5760 x 1440 dpi resolution taking up just enough ink, which further makes it valuable among sublimation printers in its price range.

Looking for a high-volume printer with a broad color range at a reasonable price? Look no further than the Epson EcoTank ET 8550. This printer was designed to print quickly and at a high resolution. Whether you’re looking to create custom shirts or just need a dependable printer for other fabrics, the EcoTank ET 8550 is perfect for you.

4. Epson WorkForce 7840 | Ideal for growing T-shirt printing firms

9.8/10 – Our Score

Epson WorkForce 7840


  • Wide-format printing
  • High-volume printing
  • Significant paper-holding capacity
  • Resolution up to 4800 x 2400


  • Not profitable for small-scale businesses

If your printing volume max to a thousand T-shirts per week, what you’re looking for is the Epson WorkForce 7840. It’s more like a big brother of WF 7820 with everything at 2x from the capacity to its performance. Having an industry-leading resolution of 4800 x 2400, this printer makes the T-shirt for its highly vibrant colors. 

There’s a 500-pages auto-feed paper tray with a 50-papes rear tray. This provides enough capacity to hold everything inside. The rear stray is enormous as well, with just 50 sheets. You can store small sublimation accessories there. From its outlook and design, it looks traditional, but we’d rather say, it is where the versatility and reliability of the printer come from.


It works on Wi-fi direct, but you’re welcome to use Bluetooth, ethernet, or USB–just with what you’re comfortable with. However, as of personal experience, we recommended Wi-Fi and device connection only. The rest of the options make the process delayed. 

One potential drawback of 7840 is the price and size, which makes it extravagant for small businesses. Suppose the best feature of the printer is providing 200 prints per day. Now, your average printing needs are 5-10 prints per day. This will be totally overlooked and in return, the drawbacks will feel more like a burden. 

Also, the maintenance, being similar to large-scale printing machines, is extra for new entrepreneurs. There are ink cartridges, instead of bottles, which means, every time the ink end, you need to run a proper cleaning cycle in the printer. Let aside, replacing cartridges is much more difficult than replacing ink bottles. So, it really is a thing for big games!

WorkForce 7840 is the most well-rounded sublimation printer for medium to large-scale T-shirt sublimation businesses. It smoothly caters to wide-format printing and yields a higher volume. The capacity, connectivity, resolution, and performance can make any growing business speed up to reach higher profits and make their brand more stable in the marketplace!

5. DNP QW410 | Dye-Sublimation Printer – for kid’s apparel

9.6/10 – Our Score

DNP QW410 Dye

  • Excellent media handling
  • Compact design
  • Heavy-duty performance
  • Economic power consumption

  • Not so fast

The DNP QW410 is a compact-size printer that comes sublimation ready. For its limited media support of 4” x 6,” it makes a great device for printing logos, designs, and typographies on T-shirts. 

DNP QW410 Dye-Sublimation Printer

It’s the same unit as the EPSON EcoTank photo printer series which translates decently on the fabric–using a heat press or Cricut. Because of its smaller media size and vibrant color outcomes with a professional touch, it goes by the nickname “Slushy.” Engineered with precision, this piece of machinery requires only $10 worth of electricity per year to operate. 

It comes with a basic 300 x 300 resolution, which technically is low compared to the thousands of dpi offered in the Epson and Sawgrass models. However, those models also provide greater media size–of course, these require massive dpi to be clear and sharp. For the 4 x 6 size, 300 x 300 is more than enough, and that can fit easily if you’ve a T-shirt sublimation for the babies. Even with a little upgrade, it can sit with the 13 x 19 Epson or Sawgrass model with enormous efficiency. 

With its compact design and low energy consumption, this machine will fit perfectly in your home or small business while weighing just 13 lbs. It’s easy to use and produces crisp prints that are ready to be used on T-shirts, bags, hats, and more!

DNP QW410 is a great printer for baby apparel and logo printing. Using dye-sublimation printing, this printer is energy and cost-efficient, and easy to use that even females can start their own setup with creative designs to print on baby costumes and earn barrels of dollars while sitting at home!

6. Digital Textile Printer MT-TA3 – for large-scale commercial use

9.3/10 – Our Score

Digital Textile Printer MT-TA3

  • Supports direct fabric printing
  • Excellent washability
  • Easy to use
  • High-quality printouts

  • A bit slow

This Digital Textile Printer MT-TA3 uses DTG technology–compatible with both sublimation and pigment ink. It’s a bulky unit with hefty features, dedicated to well-established customized garment dealers.

Related: Difference between Dye Sublimation & Direct to Garment (DTG)

It works with 2880 dpi resolution in a 5-color ink cartridge system. Besides the CMYK, what’s unique is the white color which makes it able to print lighter apparel along with darker ones. As advertised, this unit provides pictures at one minute per paper. However, upon testing, we found it fluctuated as per the apparel size and standby time. On continuous use, you can even expect the printer to take 2-3 minutes for a 24” wider size. Whereas, during the first hour, it quickens the process with each shirt at 30-40 seconds. 

Although it’s an expensive unit, it secures the user from added equipment expense and potential sublimation risks. On the expense side, you’ll save; 

  • Cost of sublimation paper 
  • Heat press
  • Vinyl (for cotton) 

Even just that compensates 60% of the expense entailed on the printer. And that is just the initial cost. On a running scale, it has a visible edge in the garment industry compared to any heat-transfer model. Any industry with an average of 40-50 prints per day can make up 20% of the actual cost of the printer within a year.

printing a white t-shirt on MT-TA3
Printing on MT-TA3
A Printout by MT-TA3 on a white t-shirt
A Printout by MT-TA3 on a white T-shirt

Besides the cost estimates, it’s reliable and consistent as it doesn’t rely on heat pressure for the transfer of true colors. Every printout of this printer comes out at the same quality and vibrant colors, be it lighter or darker. 

And did we mention, you don’t have to be restricted to polymer shirts only? Well, yeah, another big plus of this monster machine is that you can print onto any shirt despite the fabric, which just adds to your profits for catering to wider substrates. 

This innovative digital textile printer makes it easy to create vibrant, custom-printed fabrics. With its intuitive touchscreen interface and wide range of dye sublimation inks, the MT-TA3 lets you produce stunningly realistic prints that are perfect for fashion, home decor, and more. 

No fuss, no muss—just print right onto fabric!

The MT-TA3 is your weapon of choice if you want to spend less time and energy printing custom apparel. The MT-TA3 digital textile printer puts the power in your hands with exceptional prints that save you (and us) a ton of money and effort!

Expert’s visual testing of MT-TA3

7. Ricoh Aficio SG 3110DN – best budget sublimation printer

9.5/10 – Our Score

Ricoh Aficio SG 3110DN

  • Well-budgeted price and running cost
  • Interchangeable with sublimation and pigment inks
  • Media size flexibility
  • Enormous paper capacity

  • Bulky

Ricoh Aficio SG 3110DN is another well-rounded sublimation printer for budget-minded starters. It comes with GelJet ink, and though you can start off sublimation with this, however, its transfer rate often disappoints, so it’s better you take cartridges off and install sublimation ones to have better results. 

The printer with dye-sub ink provides sharp and vivid images in a 3,600 x 1,200 dpi resolution. It’s not a high-volume printer though but still can make up 5-10 prints in a day with bearable energy consumption. It additionally allows connectivity with smart devices, besides WINDOWS and Mac.

Besides its technical specifications, it’s a highly flexible model with which the users can update as per their needs. With a box packed, it comes with a 250 sheets tray and an 8.5 x 14 size format. But with the upgrade, you can extend the paper holding capacity from 250 sheets to 850 while the size can be taken up to 24” in width, which allows using wider paper rolls. 

Ricoh SG 3110DN
Control panel and paper tray of Ricoh SG 3110DN
how to insert ink cartridges in Ricoh SG 3110DN

On top of it, the economy mode in the printer just adds up the worth. It saves energy and ink while taking down the resolution, and still creating considerable printouts. On average, the economy mode saves 43% of the expense incurred on printing. Plus, you can also benefit by planning your business strategy–offering the most attractive rates on the market. Unlike EPSON, it can be converted during its running time with primary inks without the printer going mad. First, you need to clean up the printer with deionized filled cartridges and then install sublimation inks. Now, this printer comes with the name Sawgrass SG500 after Ricoh partnered with Sawgrass.

Ricoh is the entry-level choice for budget-minded people, planning to start sublimation as a secondary business that yields a considerable profit at a lower risk. If need be, you can always update this, per your requirements, so it’s always a 10/10 going for this side.

The basic setup of Ricoh SG 3110DN

T-Shirt sublimation:

T-shirt sublimation

As of 2023, anyone can enter the T-Shirt sublimation, but whoever stays really depends on the equipment they’re using, specifically the printing equipment. Because the printing machine decides the quality and final look of the T-shirt along with overall production per unit.

Previously, the two most common methods were screen-printing, white toner heat transfer, and simple embroidery; all of which are over the odds–considering the era we live in. Encountering that, sublimation printing resolves the issue for everyone, providing the best quality prints at an unbelievable price. It’s the sublimation printer to which goes the credit for why everyone’s making little blogs on Instagram for custom shirts.

However, the matter comes down to the right sublimation printer, and believe us, it’s a headache if you’re in a search of one without knowledge. Because there are just a few sublimation printers out there, from Sawgrass. The rest are dye-sub printers that were originally advertised to cater to photos. Other than that, there are inkjet printers that provide a flexible conversion. And even for the “functional” sublimation printers, you need to abide by certain factors to make sure what you’re getting is the best after all.

In addition, you also need to invest in heat press, sublimation inks, papers, vinyl (for cotton), unless you’re buying Digital Textile Printer MT-TA3. 

What printers are best for T-shirt printing: 

For T-shirt printing, you’ll have many types of printers to choose from. The available choices are DTG printers, sublimation printers, screen printers, UV printers, and embroidery machines. DTG printers are the most versatile choice for T-shirt printing, but for the higher price points, these are predominantly used in industries and commercial-scale businesses. However, since the revolution of sublimation printers, DTG is continually becoming less attractive because of its less durability compared to sublimation. 

Sublimation printers, on the other hand, are the cheapest T-shirt printing machines. Sublimation provides permanent results, as the ink embeds on the garment instead of stating on the top. If you want to experience both DTG and sublimation, Sawgrass SG 1000 is a probable runner. This printer provides both this technology, plus it’s very affordable. 

The rest of the options are dependent on the type of industry of the T-shirt industry. For example, if your industry deals in leather sublimation, you’d want to go for UV printers instead of DTG and sublimation. However, UV printing, for regular purposes isn’t recommended. So, based on your industry and expertise, you can decide which printer is best for T-shirt printing. Yet, sublimation and DTG is always safe and profitable option, provided that these two types of printers are consistent in providing quality and versatility. 

Types of shirts for sublimation: 

Hold your breath, we’re going to discuss the biggest drawback of sublimation printing for T-shirts. It doesn’t work on all T-shirts. Yes, you need a particular type of material which is polyester. Sublimation doesn’t work on natural fabrics, so you need your Shirts to be treated with polyester with at least 65% count. Precisely, your best options are

  1. 100% Polyester shirts 
  2. Synthetic cotton/nylon/linen shirts with at least 65% of the polyester count.
  3. Heather shirts treated with bleach

The color is also important. Sublimation won’t yield satisfactory results on dark shirts, for which you need a third channel between T-shirt and sublimation, i.e., vinyl cutting. White color and light shades provide the most vibrant and vivid colors. 

T-shirt Printing essentials: 

Getting the best T-shirt sublimation printer and the shirt only makes you halfway there. You still need a few other supplies to get the shirt sublimated.  

Design software: 

Design software is where you’ll create logos, images, and patterns. In T-shirt sublimation, even if you’re customizing only, you need design software for adjusting colors and shapes. 

Sublimation ink and paper

Sublimation ink and paper:

A sublimation printer only works with sublimation-specific inks and papers. Sublimation ink is a water-based ink and the results vary for different types of substrates, i.e., ink for ceramics and aluminum should be a little dense for a smooth print. Meanwhile, for t-shirt printing regular density is much preferred because it goes in the polyester fabric easily. In that description, the best ink for sublimating T-shirts is the Hiipoo and Printer Jack. 

Likewise, sublimation papers are transfer papers that carry the ink without absorbing it and transfer it to the T-shirt via the press. The best transfer papers for T-shirt sublimation are A-Sub and Hiipoo sublimation papers. 

Heat press

Heat press and its accessories: 

Last and most important, you need a high-end heat press. Similar to the printer, a heat press machine is a one-time investment that lasts for years. Sublimation requires a high temperature, i.e., 350-500 Fahrenheit for transferring the design from the transfer paper to the fabric and only the pressing machines have these high temperatures. With press, you need a lint roller, heat-resistant gloves and tape, a foam pad, and butcher papers. 

The T-Shirt Sublimation Process: 

Getting all the things ready, T-shirt sublimation can be breakdown into three courses of action. 


  1. First, design the image you want to print using any software you like. 
  2. Send the image to the printer and make necessary adjustments regarding size, quantity, and mirroring. Make sure you’ve already set up your sublimation printer. 
  3. Print the image on sublimation paper. 

Getting the shirt ready. 

  1. Lint roll the T-shirt. 
  2. Pre-press it for removing any wrinkles or moisture.
  3. Adhere the design upside down and secure it snugly using heat-resistant tape. 
  4. Cover the shirt from the front and back with butcher paper. 


  1. Preheat the press for about 30-40 seconds at a moderate temperature. 
  2. Place the shirt carefully in the press. 
  3. Set the timer at 30 seconds for 375 Fahrenheit. However, the time and temperature vary from machine to machine. 
  4. After heating, wear your heat-resistant gloves and peel off the sublimation sheet, while it’s hot. 
  5. Let the shirt cool down before you make use of it. 

Here are the factors that make a sublimation printer best for T-shirts:

Once you’ve check-marked these 6 factors, you’ll officially be halfway to getting your business to flourish with the perfect unit.

Media Size:

Even the smallest shirt for T-SHIRT sublimation is 28” X 18” (L x W) hence, media size is the crucial element for T-shirt printing. Rule of thumb: “the more the merrier”. Go for the printer with the largest media size because you don’t want to slice up your prints, which looks kinda unpleasant.

Desktop sublimation printers, however, usually come in 8.5” x 11” sizes. Some wide format printers even go up to 13 x 19 inches, which are ideal if you print designs/logos/ images–and not the complete shirt. Here DNP QW410 is the only exception that offers a 4 x 6 size. Despite that, it still is best to cater to kids’ variety.


Other than that, if you’re in the arena commercially, you should at least consider media size at 24”. And in that size, the choices you’ve are; Epson industrial printers with 64” width, brother, and HP dye-sub machines. These are pricier though, ranging between $2000 to 40,000$ which, of course, sounds unrealistic to a ground-level entrepreneur.

Well, you don’t need to spend that much. Here’s the secret hack; you can extend the size with a bypass tray. However, your printer should be flexible enough to accept that. With Sawgrass, you’ll never have issues with an added tray, but with the Epson, you need to check each model separately. Most probably, The photo printers are flexible, but the EcoTank models create bugs and issues with that.


How many printouts can a printer provide in the volume? For T-shirt printing, you normally need a printer with a high volume so you don’t sit behind the pending tasks. It depends on the running time of your printer though, how long it can run continuously, the energy it consumes in that period, and the upkeep of quality.


On the top comes the printer jamming, and the blocked nozzles that 90% happens when you keep the printing running for over an hour, except that it’s made with quality software and an operational system. Therefore, look for a printer with better interior maintenance–that can run for longer hours. As per our expertise, a good printer provides 20-25 prints daily with a well-maintained quality with no jams.

Colors and Resolution:

Then comes the factor that’ll get you the customers and their “trust”. Simply put, the better the colors and resolution you provide your clients with, the faster it’ll help you grow your business. Even for home use, you don’t want to wear an ill-colored, smudged, and disgusting print. Therefore, the quality criteria here is 5760 x 1440 dpi, that too with sharp and vivid colors.


And for the ink cartridges, 4-bottles are more than enough-they’ll provide you with all the expected color hues. However, a 6-cartridge is a plus point that doubles the shades you’ll get your prints in.


After the quality check, the interface is where your attention should be. It should be easy to operate with comprehendible options. Manufacturer’s apps or manuals are a plus, which helps in getting along with the settings and editing. Overall, we recommend the printer with fear navigation and one-click settings just like in Ricoh Aficio SG 3110DN.



Compatibility for printers isn’t just with different devices–as in connectivity–it goes further with whether the printer entertains sublimation inks, and papers, of various types or not. Plus, how it transfers onto different fabric types. The best sublimation printer for a T-shirt is the one that works finely with any sublimation, accepts both high-density and low-density sublimation papers, and translates the design onto the shirt in vibrant color with at least a 98% transfer rate.



Flexibility is defined as the printer’s ability to be updated with time. There are spare parts available on the market, i.e., bypass trays, input trays, and third-party cartridges. All you need to see is: if your printer accepts these or not. In addition, there are system updates as well. For example, you can upgrade the software, and editing apps, as well as the speed and media size.



A sublimation printer is a great way to get your unique designs on your t-shirts. It surely is the most risk-free business out there. However, with the best sublimation printer for T-shirts, make sure you’re keeping the quality alike with your heat-press, garments, and the paper, to achieve the results you’ve planned in your mind. 

We hope this list was helpful in finding the best fit for your needs! However, if we had to narrow the list down to one that fit under any circumstance, we’d go with the SAWGRASS SG1000. But of course, your needs might be different, so ‌let us know your pick in the comment section. 

Good luck with your new sublimated shirts.


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