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Sublimation printers today have a limited printing size and the best they can go is 13 x 19. Definitely not the size you can sublimate blankets or doormats, and that’s why the question arises  “can you sublimate in sections?” often from Beginners or Epson and Sawgrass owners.

Can You Sublimate in Sections

Well, you can do sublimation in sections but it is not an easy peasy lemon squeezy task. Special guidelines should be followed. Plus, keep your intuition to a side, and follow the guide to get your answers along with tips, processes, and methods to turn everything just right!

Can you sublimate in sections:

“Yes,” you can print large-sized sublimation designs in sections using sublimation design software. With it, you can use “tile”, “poster”, or “mural” and print each section step by step on sublimation paper to transfer on large blankets, doormats, or similar materials. 

How to Sublimate In Sections:

  • Create your design in sections. You can use any sublimation design software that you are pro at.
  • Print that design in sequence using sublimation paper and a printer.
  • Gather all the sublimation transfers.
  • Mark them with numbers so you’ll place them in the correct order.
  • Put them on the fabric or large apparel you are sublimating.
  • Secure each design with heat-resistant tape.
  • Place them in the heat press for the required time and temperature.
  • After heating, remove the tape and wrap off all the transfer sheets.
  • Let it cool down and start using it.

By following these instructions, let us sublimate in sections as an example to make things easier for you.

Designing the image in section:

First and foremost, we’ll need the design in sections. For this, you can use any design software this allows you to print in tiles.

We are using an Epson printer so we’ll access the printing setting from a PC and here, from the page layout page, we’ll select multiple pages. Then we’ll choose poster printing from the settings. We have set the size as per the transfer page. You should also note that we are printing in borderless, instead of borders and also the overlap is opted on.

That is pretty much it for the design setting. However, there are ways you can create your own design using Microsoft paint o adobe.

Printing process:

We have 2 sections that we are going to print step by step. Here are the supplies you’ll need for this:

We are using an Epson workforce pro wf-7810 printer and set the print media to 8.5 x 11. Now print the design in 2 sublimation sheets. The paper we have used here is from the A-sub that produces brilliant outcomes. The printer settings need to be adjusted too, so we are selecting “in-tiles” from the menu bar.

Designing the image in sections
Designing the image in sections
After attach both section for print
After attach both section for print

We are marking each paper after painting so we don’t place them on the wrong sides. We’ll do this from first to last by marking them 1-2.

Assembling the design and blanket/ doormat:

Now as we have the design printed, we’ll get the blanket or doormat. Here we are using a stroller blanket that measures 22 x 30. Before assembling, the blanket should be lint rolled and pressed so the design will come out accurate and fine. Then, we’ll place all the sheets sequence-wise according to the markings. Securing them with heat-resistant is a very crucial step that we’ll do next.

Though, the placements should be accurate. You shouldn’t leave any space between papers since it’ll ruin the entire overlook of the design. Also, be very gentle, you don’t want to wrinkle one sheet while securing the other.


Getting the blanket secured with a sublimation sheet elevates us to move to the next step, which is pressing. First, we’ll preheat the press and then we will carefully place the blanket in the heat press, such that the paper will stay sturdy and not get any wrinkles or folds. Place 2 Teflon sheets on the blanket and set the temperature to 400 Fahrenheit for 60 seconds.

After it is heated, take the blanket out and remove the tapes, and sublimation sheets and let the blanket cool down. Now, you can use your sublimated blankets.

Final results:

Though, the results are more than satisfactory. The prints are vibrant, in one picture with no spaces. Conclusively, sublimating in sections will be only hectic till the design creation. Once you create the design, the process gets easier. All you need is to be efficient at creating the design and placing the design on the final substrate in sequence. That’s it.

Hope the article has helped you find your answers regarding “can you sublimate in sections” with all the relevant details. For any further queries, reach out and get it sorted!


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