Can You Sublimate On Linen? Poly-Linen Bags and Cushions

Linen and polyester look kind of very similar which is why the most frequently popped up question is “can you sublimate on linen”? Well, precisely the answer is “yes” but this one-word answer definitely won’t lead you to correctly sublimate your linen apparel. So what exactly do you need? Is the same ordinary sublimation procedure followed here? How long will it last? Take a breath! We are all here to answer each of your concerns right in this article!

Sublimate On Linen

Well, the sublimation process we’ll be following is quite similar to the typical one except there are just 1 or 2 additional requirements. Since linen is a bit stiff so you must be careful while considering sublimating your linen stuff. Well, \we have taken linen cushions and pillows and we’ll show you how to make the process with the right colors. So let’s dive in. 

Sublimating on linen:

Here’s a tip to avoid mess: divide the process into steps and stay enacted with it. Anyways, the steps we are following here are as follows:

Set up the tools:

By far, the first and foremost important thing to do is get all the sublimation equipment and tools ready. That includes a sublimation printer at the top. Here we are using Sawgrass SG1000 that is a dedicated sublimation printer. Though, you may also use an Epson Ecotank printer but make sure it is loaded with sublimation ink.

Additionally, you have to make sure the printer you are using is in working condition because a printer in non-working condition for over a week tends to have dried-up ink, and thus, you won’t be able to make out the prints.

Then comes the sublimation paper and make sure you are using it correctly. You will also need the non-stick sheet in the final process. A heat press is mandatory for pressing and transferring the design, iron will not work. Heat tape is also required to adhere the sheet to the cover/bag.

Sublimation printer in working condition
Sublimation Printer in working condition.

Now comes the apparel for which you can use any linen stuff, be it cushion pillows, bags, or a simple linen shirt. However, a pressing pillow is a mandatory and secret tool that makes the linen sublimation work for real. 

Selecting the design and printing:

Here starts the actual process. The first thing is to get the design ready and feed it into the printer. Well, you may already have some designs on your phones or tablets that you wish you print. Otherwise, you can give try sublimation design software and create one. 

Just after finalizing the design, turn on the printer and with the help of the manual set the printer, feed the sublimation sheet, and get the design printed out on the paper. 

Getting the apparel ready:

Since the transfer sheet is ready, now you have to get the apparel all set to press and sublimated. Since the linen gets wrinkled easily so make sure, the stuff is well-ironed and sleek. Now take the pressing pillow and put it inside the bag/cover so that the design will be smoother and even resultantly. 

Now, take out the paper and put it face down onto the apparel. Adhere it using the heat tape and you are done setting the bag or your cushion cover to get it going with the heat press. 

Pressing and transferring:

And the last step! Here you will put the bag or the cover in the heat press. On the top of the surface, put the non-stick sheet so that the fabric and heat press don’t stick together as a result of the high temperature. Also, make sure it’s pre-heated for 15 seconds at least. Then set the temperature at 380 Fahrenheit and leave the apparel in it for 2 minutes. 

After the time is up, you can take the bag/cover out, remove the non-stick sheet as well as heat tape from the bag. And, the design will be on the bag with its true colors and hereby, you will be done with sublimating the linen! 


Sublimation on linen has now become easy with just four steps. Just get the right tools as a printer, sublimation paper, non-stick paper, a heat press, and a pressing pillow. Hope it answers all your queries regarding can you sublimate on linen and how is it possible so. Likewise, with the method being properly followed you can have long-lasting and beautiful prints on your linen apparel. 

Don’t forget to let us know about your experience and ideas about linen sublimation. Good luck with your design and happy sublimating!


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