Canon Selphy CP1300 | Extensive Review

With the arrival of the CP1300 in the Selphy roster. Canon has completely changed the world of sublimation as we know it. The Selphy 1300 is one of the ideal traveling companions because of its comparatively small structure and is hence known as the perfect portable printer. Incorporated with the Dye-Sublimation Innovation.

Canon Selphy CP1300 Extensive Review

The Selphy 1300 complements the sublimation fanatics. On top of Zero Ink Technology, the printer gives the maximum resolution which produces the best picturesque results. As to understand how each element operates in making flawless printouts. Let us dive deeper into the different aspects of the Canon Selphy 1300.

What Makes The Canon Selphy CP1300 Unique? | Concise Synopsis

  • The Canon Selphy CP1300 Printer is a compact-sized piece of equipment that is to carry around. In simpler words, this one is a portable printer.
  • The small-scale construction of the CP1300 is probably one of the reasons why this portable printer can be placed in any corner of the house or office, occupying very less space.
  • The innovation used behind the Selphy 1300 printing process is the Zink or Zero Ink Technology. What makes this printer an exception is that the CP1300 does not require ink to function.
  • Offers a relatively better picture resolution of 300 x 300 Dots Per Inch, which is unmatchable for its size.
  • Comes with a built-in camera that allows the users to capture a snapshot of themselves, or rather a Selphy.
  • This printer also features an LCD screen which makes navigating and operating the CP1300 a joy to use.
  • The Selphy 1300 can be connected quickly and get synchronized with other electronic gadgets such as iPhones, Tablets, Android smartphones, etc.
  • The Canon Selphy also comes with the ability to print pictures directly from the SD Cards or USBs.
  • Another specialty of the Canon Selphy 1300 is that the printer is allowed to print collages and make the moments certainly memorable.


Despite the fact that this printer is loaded with some of the most awesome features. The Canon Selphy 1300 lacks in some areas in which there is a serious need of attention. First of all, when we got the printer, everything went smoothly until 3 weeks ago. The printer started messing up the quality of the pictures. It can be seen that the printer does not exactly pick the color and print that same gradient viewed on the phone. In addition to that, when printing pictures, there are white spots and horizontal lines that take all the fun away from printing.

Secondly, the printer is quite small so it can be said that this portable printer is quite more fragile than the other printers. This argument can be supported by the fact that after using the CP1300 for quite some time, we found out that the ink cartridges are all damaged beyond repair. In addition to that, while printing borderless pictures, a few of the parts and corners of the picture is cropped out. In order to avoid cutting off the images, the printer is tweaked every single time before taking a printout of borderless pictures.

What Do We Have To Say?

Although the Canon Selphy 1300 has a number of areas in which the printer can be improved for consistent performance. But still, for this size of a printer, the features, and characteristics that the CP1300 offers are more than enough. The Zero Ink Technology makes it stand out from its competitors as the printer operates without making a mess out of the ink. So if you are looking for a portable printer that you can bring along on your adventures for the purpose of capturing the moment then there is no better option than the Canon Selphy CP1300.

A perfect portable printer

Canon Selphy CP1300 | Comprehensive Synopsis

For such a small size, the Canon Selphy 1300 is truly a beast when dealing with the subject of sublimation printing. The printer provides a fine quality of prints in comparison with many portable printers that are available on the market. Along with that, what makes this printer different from the traditional portable printers is the price. Selphy 1300 is a cost-friendly printer that not only makes this printer cheap. But also cuts down the additional costs that unnecessarily increase the cost. So if you’re looking for a printer that gets the job done on the go then look no further than the Canon Selphy CP1300.

Zink! A Zero Ink Technology:

Zink! A Zero Ink Technology

One of the most captivating traits of the portable Selphy 1300 is that there is no need to fill the printer with inks. The reason behind that Canon has found an ultimate solution by embracing technology and working towards implementing a powerful modern innovation known as Dye-Sublimation Technology.

So what exactly is this Dye-Sublimation Technology and how does it work? Well! It is not rocket science behind debunking this mystery. Whenever there is a need to print on a subject, this Dye-Sub Technology utilizes a heat transfer method to force the ink on the substrate. This is basically what digital printing is and Canon clearly has not missed the chance to cash in on this opportunity.

Remarkable Resolution:

Canon does not compromise the quality of the image no matter the size of the printer. Hence the reason why the Selphy CP1300 features a maximum of 300 by 300 Dots Per Inch Resolution that provides crisp quality pictures which makes the result more eye-catching effortlessly!

A True Portable Partner:

Going on a trip to the Bahamas or simply getting invited over to a friend’s birthday party? Well, don’t forget to bring your Canon Selphy CP1300 to capture the moment and lock the memories in the form of pictures forever. Since CP1300 hardly weighs about 1.9 pounds. This printer is specifically designed so that you can freely move around with the printer without any worry. On top of that, if you’re tired of carrying the printer then set it down on a desk. On the dashboard of your car. Or in the corner of your home or office. Because the printer only measures approximately 7.1 inches widthwise, 5.4 inches depthwise, and 2.5 heightwise without occupying a lot of space.

Various Media Sizes:

While testing the Selphy 1300, the thing that surprised us the most is that although the printer is quite tiny, still it packs a lot of punch. The printer is equipped with the capability to print in a number of different media sizes that are mentioned below:

  • Postcard which is about 4.0 inches by 6.0 inches
  • L Size Paper that measures 3.5 inches by 4.7 inches
  • Card Size with the dimensions 2.1 inches by 3.4 inches
  • Square Label sizing up to 2.1 inches by 2.1 inches

Exceptional Printing Speed:

When it comes to the speed of the portable Canon Selphy CP1300, the printer is absolutely ruthless. In order to fully inspect each and every single detail of the printer, we also observed how much time would it take for this small printer to print outstanding images. We got the wind of the fact that it only takes about a little over a minute while print directly from Wi-Fi or USB or over a wireless network.

Stunning Connectivity Options:

Stunning Connectivity Options

Do you also feel bound by the fact that you just need a personal computer in order to print images? Well, the people displayed concerns and Canon took action. The entire procedure of printing has been made pain-free, all thanks to the connectivity configuration settings of the Selphy 1300. Now it is possible to connect the printer with a wired or wireless network. Not only that but the printer can also be paired up with smartphones or tablets or any other electronic gadget you can name.

3.2 Inch LCD Display:

One feature that cannot and must not go unmissed while reviewing the Canon Selphy CP1300 is that the printer features a phenomenal LCD screen located at the top of the printer that measures about 3.2 inches. The display is stationed on the front in order to make the navigation as uncomplicated as possible so that the whole course of action of printing can go smoothly.

How To Sublimate?

The Canon Selphy CP1300 is capable of sublimation printing. you can put on your favorite designs on different ceramics mugs. You can also decorate mousepads, cushion covers, etc. with the CP1300. moreover, the printer uses its own ink for the purpose of sublimation printing.

Canon Selphy CP1300 – Technical Specifications:

Printing TechnologyDye-Sublimation – No Ink Technology
Printing SpeedAveraged 1 Minute
Output Tray Capacity18 Sheets of Paper
Max Print Size4 x 6 Inches
Maximum Resolution300 x 300 Dots Per Inch
Screen Display3.2 Inches
Weight1.9 lbs
Width7.1 Inches
Depth5.4 Inches
Height2.5 Inches
InterfacesWi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, USB, SD Card
Connectivity OptionsWired and Wireless
CompatibilityiOS, Android, AirPrint, Mopria
Warranty1 Year
ColorBlack, White

In a Nutshell:

Conclusively, there is no doubt in the fact that the Canon Selphy CP1300 is one of the most versatile portable printers that is ruling the printing community and thriving in the hearts of sublimation enthusiasts. This electrifying portable printer is overflowing with numerous characteristics that you won’t find anywhere else other than the CP1300. So if you want a printer that is not too difficult to operate and at the same time produces magnificent quality results then the Canon Selphy 1300 must be your first pick.


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