Epson WF 7720 Sublimation Printer (Extended Guide)

The WorkForce is an impressive series of wide-format printers having WF-7720 that totally stand out. The printer is loaded with some better greater advanced printing technologies and useful sublimation functions that make your printouts effortlessly eye-catching!

Epson WF 7720 Sublimation Printer

Although the features and components require comprehensive research as to what to expect from the features, what is the function of each component, and how the printer actually works before you make the purchase. The information we’ll provide in the Epson WF 7720 Sublimation Printer Review will help you understand various aspects, features, and components of the Epson 7720 Sublimation Printer in-depth to make you fully aware of these ins and outs.


Are you in a hurry? Here’s the breakdown of the entire article covering the most precise aspects in terms of pros, cons, and our final verdict.

9.4/10 – Our Score

Epson WF 7720

  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Easy navigation with its 4.3 inches color touchscreen
  • Fast printing speed for both color and B&W
  • Fade-resistant prints
  • Higher printing resolution
  • Offers borderless printing
  • Voice-activated printing
  • Easy user-interface

  • It is quite expensive
  • Giant size and heavier
  • Uses an additional amount of ink for higher resolution prints

Epson WorkForce WF-7720 is the best commercial-level printer that takes minimal time to handle heavy sublimation work. The quality is brilliantly paired up with good resolution and speed. The multiple media sizes options plus the performance makes it really worthwhile for office use/sublimation businesses.

– Our verdict

In-depth Review of Epson WF 7720 Sublimation Printer:

Overall, Epson has done a remarkable done of forming each of the printer’s components at its finest! It showcases state-of-the-art whether you examine the speed, test the resolution, or print in diverse sizes! These are just minor details that we have enlightened further below;


Printing Technology:

Epson WF 7720 uses PrecisionCore printing technology paired with a greater resolution which makes the prints vibrant and iconic! The printing use heat-free technology which makes it compatible with sublimation ink.

Printing Speed:

Epson 7720 sublimation printer has a reliable printing speed that prints in 18 sheets in black and white in a minute. Whereas, the color prints will take a minute for doing on 10 sheets. However, these are merely the specification of inkjet printing but they are important as these greatly affects the overall speed of the printer.

As for the sublimation, the printer takes 40 to 80 seconds per paper which we think is fair as compared to the average sublimation speed which is 1-3 minutes. In addition to that, the speed also depends on the connection type you are using i.e if the network is strong, the prints will be faster and vice versa.

Touch Screen Display:

4.3" color Touch Screen Display

Just above the paper tray, the printer features a 4.3″ color touchscreen that helps to navigate. This screen cuts off a lot of hassle in accessing the settings through the devices while the sudden changes can be dealt with quickly as well. We can’t resist admiring the control panel just behind the screen that additionally makes it robust and responsive.

Media sizes:

This sublimation printer supports various media sizes from 4″x6″ to 13″x19″. The adaptability of the printer makes it pretty attractive to the buyers who deal in sublimation for various apparel like T-shirts, banners, mugs, tumblers, cushions, and what’s not?

The smaller size options are 4″x6″ and 5″x7″ which allows you to print photos and logos. The medium size is 8″x10″, A3, and A4 which is normally the size of the sublimation printer. Plus there is the option of borderless printing with the dimensions of 13″x19″. However, borderless printing is limited by the paper it supports which is quite a drawback of this type of printing.

Power Usage:

Powered by ENERGY STAR technology, the printer successfully meets the requirement of being an ECO-FRIENDLY device. The energy consumption even for a workload is quite impressive as it contributes the least to the bills because of the 80% power-saving mode. Auch a feature makes the printer stand out when compares to any Co-printer.


Connectivity is a vast area allowing you to link your Epson 7720 printer to almost any device. The WiFi option is available for both Direct and LAN with which you can easily set up your printer. Don’t have Wi-Fi connectivity? Relax, you can use a USB pen drive and print directly through it. The ethernet and NFC options are here to further accommodate you.

If everything fails, Epson Connect Suit is all here to rescue. It is compatible with iPad, iPhone, Android, and tablets which are in everyone’s access at any time. Well, The apps supported by the printers are Remote Print and iPrint which are easy and quick to use. You can also use Third-party applications i.e Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud Print for both iPhone and Android systems.

Printing Resolution:

The resolution at 4800 x 2400 dpi makes anyone choose the printer any day! It produces crystal clear and crips prints that you can fall in love with. We were amazed to find the text printing with this and happy to announce it wasn’t blurred even a bit and that is all because of the resolution that it uses.

printing resolution

However, the higher resolution sometimes takes a big chunk of ink when making back-to-back sublimation projects.


Well, maintenance can be a job for this machine. It needs to be kept in work otherwise the output results can be affected. The printing cost as per the inks can be expensive as well which is why it is not the best pick for home-use applications.


Compared to other Epson printers, the price of the printer is a bit hefty as it costs you more than 2000 dollars. Even though, the hefty price tag is comparatively nothing in front of the features it provides that complement commercial use. Besides, the commercial sublimation printers with identical performance cost at least 3000 to 5000$ if not 10000$+.

Other Features:

Other than sublimation, the printer has the three following noteworthy features that add to the value.


With the help of a 2-sided Auto Document Feeder, you can scan your documents having paper dimensions of 11″ x 17″.

Paper holding capacity:

The holding capacity allows the printer to print in heavy volumes. Epson Workforce WF-7720 stores hold 500 sheets in the front tray which we think is a massive capacity as compared to the 70% printers having only the capacity to keep 350 papers. There is a rare tray that helps you to store specialty paper while the output tray keeps up to amaze us with its 125-paper holding capacity.

Dual-side printing:

Dual-side printing has nothing to do with sublimation but only if you want to learn more about the printer. It does dual side printing at a time. The average time per print is reduced to 6 papers per minute while the one-sided printing entertains 10 papers per minute.

WF-7720 | Specification Chart:

Maximum media size13 x 19 inches
Resolution4800 x 2400 dpi
Speed18 ppm (Black) 10 ppm (Color)
Printing technologyPrecisionCore
Printing Volume20000 pages per month
Display4.3″ color touchscreen
ConnectivityUSB, Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi LAN, NFC & Ethernet
Ink palettesCyan, Yellow, Magenta, and Black
Weight40.2 lbs
Power SourceAC 100-240V 50/60Hz
Printer Driver CompatibilityWindows, macOS, Linux
Standard Paper Input Capacity500
Output Paper Capacity125
Dimension22.7 x 17.6 x 13
Other featuresCopy, Scan, and Fax

How does Epson WF 7720 do Sublimation?

As we know, Epson Workforce does not come with the sublimation ink however we first have to make it sublimation friendly by changing the inks. You can use any sublimation kit for Epson 7720 or quality sublimation ink (we use hippo) and you have to fill the cartridges with them as soon as you unbox the printer. Though the use of these inks ends the warranty right there, however, it is definitely worth the high-definition, smudge-free, well-contrasted, and fade-resistant prints it provides.

The best use of the Epson WF 7720 Printer:

The heavy-duty printer combined with the higher resolution and a good amount of printing cost makes it quite suitable for anyone in a sublimation business or the firms who deal in small to large scale sublimation work having diverse material that they transfer print on with no change in the quality.

Wrap up:

We believe in Epson WF 7720 Sublimation Printer Review was helpful in understanding a vast area of functions and features that it possesses. It covers more than the required information you need for making a wise decision as to whether or not this printer could meet your requirements. The benefits and drawbacks must be considered in mind and yes, don’t forget to keep the specifications in your mind.

Nevertheless, for any beginner or industrial-based artist, this printer is a hit!


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