Sublimation Vs Heat Transfer – Thorough Analysis

Sublimation Vs Heat Transfr

When it comes to decorating apparel or any other material, there are multiple ways to do it. But the most widely used methods of printing aesthetic-looking designs on clothes and other accessories are Sublimation and Heat Transfer. This gives rise to the question that which method is better for printing. So a comparison of sublimation … Read more

How to remove Sublimation Inks from Shirts | Shocking Hacks

How To Remove Sublimation Inks from shirts

We round up surprising and the easiest methods for how to remove sublimation inks from shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, and other fabrics.  To err is human and sublimation constantly reminds you that, either by half transfer, blurred prints, faded designs, color bleeds and ghosting, and even wrong color outputs. Even if all works fine, you’d … Read more

5 ways for How to Remove Sublimation Inks for Mugs

5 ways for How To Remove Sublimation Inks For Mugs

Among all the sublimation substrates, ceramic remains the most rigid surface to hold up sublimation ink. That’s joyful news until you run into the following situations.  Got blurry prints as a result of overheating.  Bleeding and ghosting of ink.  Print fading out.  Simply hate the design now!  Now things get heated, and the trouble gets … Read more

Sublimation Vs Screen Printing | Pros & Cons

Sublimation Vs Screen Printing pros and cons

For Fabric or Ceramic printing… the most important task is to decide whether to go with sublimation or screen printing. One may have better printing results, while the other gives a better compatibility option. One may be convenient and affordable while the other has advanced printing technologies. Alike these, there are many key components that … Read more

How Long Do Sublimation Transfers Last | The Mystery Revealed

How Long Do Sublimation Transfers Last

You have printed your design and you have got your desired results. Now it is time to personalize your favorite shirt and transfer the ink onto the intended substrate. But before you proceed further, there is only one question that needs to be answered and that is “How long do sublimation transfers last?”  Whether you’re … Read more

How to Bleach a Shirt for Sublimation – Best DIY

How To Bleach A Shirt For Sublimation

Bleaching is one of the ways to sublimate colored shirts and luckily, the results definitely gonna surprise you. However, to make your fantasies come true, e have come up with the techniques of how to bleach a shirt for sublimation composed of methods, and tips, and also have performed the DIY with the result analysis!  … Read more

What is a Dye Sublimation Printer & how does it Work?

What Is a Dye Sublimation Printer

Dye sublimation is probably one of the best ways to get your items personalized. But for that purpose, you’re definitely going to need to own a dye-sublimation printer. Getting a dye sublimation to work sounds like a pretty big deal right? Well! In this blog, I will discuss how a dye sublimation printer works so … Read more

Sublimation vs Infusible Ink | Head-to-Head Comparison

Sublimation vs Infusible Ink Head-to-Head Comparison

Sublimation is evolving faster than light speed, yet the fastest is its technologies that continue to grow. To take your crafting to the next level; you’ll have two options 1. Sublimation 2. Infusible ink. While you decide which one to go with, we have brought up this comprehensive sublimation vs infusible ink that will walk … Read more

What Can You Sublimate On? Sublimation Material List

What Can You Sublimte On

Whether you are starting off sublimation a new or have been in the game for a while, you definitely wonder what can you sublimate on at least once in a while. Though you can sublimate on anything that has a polymer coating or you can coat your materials with a thin polymer and enjoy sublimation.  … Read more