Hat Sublimation | A Quick Guide with Right Tools

Beware! Hat sublimation can be an addiction. It’s — wait… aren’t we too late to tell it? We guess yes and honestly treating an addiction (that can also be beneficial) is too boring! So, we bring you a hat sublimation guide to fulfill your desires and print your hats with your favorite designs, perhaps your logo, or any image that you admire.  

Hat Sublimation

While you must be intrigued about sublimating your hat, the right process and the right tools are necessary. It’s kind of common that you can use “any tool” for any kind of sublimation, but to get the best results, the right tools for the intended purposes are necessary. So let’s dive into what materials you necessary with their use followed by 5 simple steps in which we explained how you get your hat subbed. 

List of materials:

Sublimation Printer:

Though any sublimation printer would work with hat sublimation here’s our suggestion. Go with any Epson Ecotank or WF series, these give the best color outputs. 

Sublimation Paper:

Take a smaller sizes sublimation paper as it’ll fit the cap best. However, you can also get the design printer on bigger paper and then cut the excessive part. 

Sublimation Ink: 

Sublimation Ink

Make sure you are using the highly efficient sublimation ink as of Hiipoo. 

Heat Press For Hats: 

Heat Press For Hats

No, you can’t use a regular press for sublimating hats. There’s this special type of heat press for hats that are specifically designed to meet the requirements and give the results at 100% accuracy. 

Sublimation Hats Blank: 

When choosing the hat, look for the material and be assured it is the polyester hat and go with the best hats for sublimation Plus, the color must be considered as well and it should be white or any lighter color. Also, make sure it is completely blank i.e no design or graphics. 

Teflon Or Protective Paper: 

Teflon papers will be needed for preheating purposes. 

Lint Roller: 

Lint Roller

A lint roller for removing wrinkles or any creases. 

Heat Tape And Scissors:  

A heat tape and scissors to adhere to the design for heating. 

Hat sublimation  (Step-by-Step) 

Now as you have got all the necessary items on the table. Let us start the process. 

How to sublimate caps step by step.


Get the design ready on the sublimation paper using a sublimation printer. You can print your favorite designs or browse/create using sublimation design software. Make sure it is aligned with the hat blanks perfectly. 

Getting the Hat Ready: 

Now we have to preheat the hat before we transfer the design. Don’t forget to remove the sweat guard while making the hat sit on the heat press and tuck it inside so i’s firmly placed on the press. This ensures your hat has a sleek design with no creases and wrinkles.  

Once it’s tight and firm on the heat press, lint roll the hat and put a Teflon paper over it, and heat it for about 30 seconds. 


After preheating, you can put your transfer paper and secure it with heat tape. Then again, cover with a Teflon sheet so that the hat doesn’t get stuck with the machine. 

Hat Heat Press Temperature: 

When it comes hat sublimation, temperatures are very crucial. For heat pressing hats, you should always follow the ones that come with your sublimation tackles (i.e machine and paper) to get the best results. However, here’s a tip for heat pressing caps; the best hat heat press temperature for sublimation is 400°F Medium for about a minute or around 75 seconds.  

Removing the Sublimation Sheet:  

Once the time is up, you can let the hat cool down. Remove the Teflon sheet and carefully remove the heat tape as well. You can now pull out the sublimation paper and flex your design!

Wrap up:  

See? how easy it was! Just need the right method and right equipment. Well, hat sublimation is actually a kind of an expensive process if you don’t have the what press for hats. So, it’s the machine where the catch is. The rest we think are easily available to everyone plus the useful method that we are assured we helped you with. That’s all you needed for eye-pleasing sublimated hats and hope that you are now doing it incredibly and effortlessly!  


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