How to Convert Epson Printer to Sublimation – Complete Setup

Owning an Epson Printer and never asking how to convert Epson Printer to sublimation is entirely impossible. While your presence also says you probably failed to change that. Never mind, keep up the spirit pals because the method here won’t allow any malfunction that’ll furthermore save you from investing in a traditional sublimation printer.

How To Convert Epson Printer To Sublimation

However, changing an Epson printer only involves the ink setup, yet many people tend to get it messier only because they lack the know-how of the proper process. That being said, here we are gon’ to explain some basics that will help you get the best results with sublimation.

Sublimation Set Up – Step by Step

Before starting the conversion, you must be familiar with the basic understanding of what exactly sublimation printing is.

A printing that involves using matte paper to be printed with the printer and then transferring it to the fabric or other medium can be referred to as sublimation printing. Though we ain’t going into much detail, however, you can go through what is sublimation printing for further details.

How to Convert Epson Printer to Sublimation

Now to back to the main question “how to convert Epson Printer to sublimation” for which you need to get one Epson EcoTank printer first that you haven’t used before because a printer to be converted must not be used with the traditional sublimation ink.

Although, there’s a misconception out there that a used printer can be converted too after cleaning it. Considering that, the first thing is, that cleaning is not that easy, and even after tons of cleaning, you won’t be getting 100% success with that plus the results will be more or less messier no matter what. So it’s 200 times better to use a new one.

Step 1:

Start with unboxing the printer. Remove all the plastic out of it but don’t plug it in. you are only going to turn on the printer once you have converted it.

unboxing the printer

Step 2:

Use a reputable sublimation ink, somewhat like hiipoo sublimation ink or of some other brand that you trust. Besides, you can also visit the best sublimation ink to be more precise about what you want exactly.

hiipoo sublimation ink

Step 3:

Ascertain that you have the same colored inks as the tanks and then put the exact color in its right tank and wear the gloves. (gloves and syringes come with the ink so don’t worry about that).

same colored ink bottles

Step 4:

Use a syringe to transfer the ink from the bottle to the printer’s tank and use a separate syringe for each other otherwise it’ll affect the base color. At any cost, don’t miss this step and start poring the pink directly because this will lead to nothing but damage.

transfering the ink from the bottle to the printer

Step 5:

After filling up the ink, you can change the settings of the printer through a laptop being connected to it. Here the notable thing is to change the paper type to “matte” because that is what sublimation paper is so get confused in that.

setting of printer through printer

Step 6:

Last but most important, once you have changed the Epson Ecotank printer into sublimation, there’s no going back.

Also note, that the warranty with the Epson printer renders invalidate the moment you end up setting up the Epson printer for sublimation so bear in mind. For the safe side, check out first if the printer uses Piezo technology and a fillable tank otherwise never risk it.

Now get some matte papers, have one heat press and enjoy sublimating!


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