How to do Sublimation | Sublimation Process for Beginners

Most likely you have brought a holocaust while doing a simple paper sublimation and that’s probably why you are here learning how to do sublimation. Don’t worry, we all have been there in our early days with the sublimation tools and that’s why I worked the tips and proper techniques for doing the sublimation covering basic queries, common mistakes, and much more. So get your equipment and tools all set up and let’s dive in.

How to do Sublimation

Well, not that early! I mean, let me give you the background and technical facts and figures to make sure we are on the right page for doing the sublimation. The sublimation process involves the use of a sublimation printer with sublimation ink to print on sublimation (transfer) papers. The paper is then placed on the material you want your final results and the design gets transferred from paper to material using a heat press. Though it sounds easy and fun and it actually is until you get the correct methods so here we are starting with what process you have to follow to do sublimation the right way!

Complete sublimation process:

So, how do you do sublimation? The first thing that a sublimation process requires is the availability and working of all the sublimation tools and accessories. Followed by printing and then assembling using the heat press.

So, what do you need for sublimation printing?

The first question probably is what do you need for sublimation printing? Well, here’s a list and we’re sure you’ll be having all of them.

what do you need for sublimation printing?

These are the basic things that you cannot skip. After that, the choice will be yours as to what material you are going to use for how to sublimate. Additionally, the sublimation process varies from material to material. For example, canvas sublimation requires additional tools, T-shirt printing has an elongated process, acrylic sublimation has other requirements so here we are starting with the most basic one using sublimation blanks.

How to do sublimation:

Now comes the actual task. How to do sublimation? Well, here we are starting with creating sublimation designs and getting them ready. You can send sublimation images directly to the printer or browse online depending on what connectivity your printer offers. Then, match the settings with the size of the paper and get the design printed on a sublimation printer. Additionally, you have to regulate the design size with the blank as well. Also, print 2 or 3 as spare designs for safety.

How to Sublimation

After getting the paper printed, you have to warm up the heat press for about 15-20 seconds at a medium temperature. Till the heat press gets ready, you can prepare the blank to get it sublimated. Here you’ll need the heat tape to adhere the paper and the blank. Make sure the paper is downside and the design is facing the black. Here is the common mistake we came across in sublimation printing that beginners do and is, using the regular printing settings for the letters and numbers. Well, there’s a mirror printing option and you have to use that to avoid the text from flipping.

In the warmed-up press machine, place the design and increase the temperature between 370-400 Fahrenheit depending on the settings your heat-press provides. Keep the blank in the heat press for about 30-40 seconds.

After the time is up, take out the blank and remove the tapes and you’ll be done with the sublimation. Look, how easy it was! Even with this method, you can do sublimation printing at home with minimum effort.

However, as a beginner, you are most prone to make the mistake so continue reading to the next section where I’ll get you covered for doing sublimation for beginners.

Common sublimation mistakes people make:

Well, I’m glad the list is not that long. Just these 5 practices that you need to work on to avoid ruining your sublimation.

  • Use only sublimation ink with the printer. Many people get the sublimation printer and use regular inks which never works out in sublimation printing.
  • There are different settings for different types of sublimation papers. You can access the Printer’s setting menu to set the paper type.
  • Always pre-heat the heat press before using it. Likewise, never over-heat the blanks otherwise it will burn the material.
  • Use mirror printing for texts.


So, what did you learn? Well, I am quite assured you will now perform the sublimation rightly and easily with the help of the information given in the article on how to do sublimation. Just be careful of the settings and try not to repeat the mistakes. With practice and dedication under the right method, trust me you can do better with the sublimation. So get your tools ready and wait no more to sublimate your materials!


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