Privacy Policy

This privacy policy of Press Sublimation is a document that describes how we collect information about the users, what sort of information we obtain, and what happens after we collect the users’ data. By accessing our website, you are accepting our Privacy Policy.

If you disagree with the practices explained in this section then we advise you not to access our website. If you have any more queries regarding the Privacy Policy, please contact us at admin[@]

Privacy Policy – Effective Date: 2021/12/21

We at Press Sublimation consider the personal as well as non-personal information and data obtained from the users a very valuable asset. We are aware of the distress you may have regarding the sharing of your information and data. For this reason, we have come up with this Privacy Policy to make things clear about how the data is collected, how the acquired data is put to use, and finally what happens to the information after.

What Information Does Press Sublimation Collect?

We obtain your personal information which you provide including your name, mailing address, email address, contact number, and credit card number when you access our website. Along with that, we also collect the information you provide through social media accounts when you choose to link your account such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. with the website. We may also gather non-personal data as well which includes browser type, internet service provider (ISP), internet protocol (IP), and the URL of the website you last visited.

How Does Press Sublimation Collect Information?

Press Sublimation only collects your information when you agree to provide your data and information. We attain your data such as name, email, contact number, and similar information when you register and create an account on our website. We also collect relevant information when you sign up for our newsletter, contact us for queries, and report a problem on our website. In addition to that, use of analytics and reporting tools are also used for the collection of non-personal information such as internet domain names, IP addresses, operating system types, and at what time and date the website is accessed.

What Happens To The Information Collected By Press Sublimation?

The prime objective of collecting information from the users is to constantly improve the website and provide a better surfing experience. The information and the data obtained are used in maintaining the website, improving the customer care services, and evaluating the overall performance of the website. For instance, if you sign up to receive our newsletter, we might use the email address you provide to come in contact with you, the collected information might come in handy to provide its users with preferred content, 

The non-personal information might be useful for internal use only such as keeping a track of the website. All the information provided is utilized in maintaining the security of the website as well.

Disclosure Of Information:

Your personal and non-personal information and data collected by Sublimation Press might be disclosed in the following cases:

Acquisition By The Successors

Press Sublimation might disclose all the personal and non-personal information we collected from its users if acquired by or merged with the successors. Although you will be informed about the transfer of your information and data via email or any other channel of communication.

Unaffiliated 3rd Parties

Press Sublimation may also disclose the information you provided to unaffiliated third parties if found out that you have committed an unethical act or breached the rights of the said party. Similarly, we might use the collected information in order to prevent any harm in case of violation of serious laws and infringement.

Affiliated 3rd Parties

Press Sublimation holds the right to disclose the relevant information to affiliated third parties solely for the purpose of personalized or customized content. Along with that, the affiliated third parties might use that information for marketing motives as well.

Cookies & Web Beacons:

Press Sublimation uses cookies in order to track the usage of the person accessing the website. The intention behind cookies is to provide the user with a more friendly experience. Furthermore, when you accept the cookies, you can quickly log in to your account and fill in other information the next time you visit the website. Basically, when you agree to accept cookies, you are simply allowing us to enhance your experience with more personalized content and simultaneously, save your time.

A Web Beacon, on the other hand, is a small transparent file placed on a webpage that is utilized in keeping a track of the behavior of the users on the website. In short, web beacons are used with the combination of cookies that help the web owners to generate statistics by monitoring which pages a user visited while surfing the website.

Press Sublimation uses Web Beacons as well as Cookies in order to provide a better experience for its users which eventually also helps in improving the services of the website. Although if you do not wish to accept cookies or web beacons, then you would not be able to enjoy some features of the website.

Amendments In Privacy Policy:

Press Sublimation holds all the right to make any necessary changes and make alterations to the privacy policy of the website if and when it sees fit. The privacy policy of Press Sublimation is revised from time to time. Although, when amendments are made to the policy, all the changes are displayed on our website. Along with that, all the individuals linked with Press Sublimation are notified via email.

Protection Of Information:

We at Sublimation Press will go to extreme lengths on our end in order to protect the personal and non-personal information and the data that we have collected from our users. The privacy and security of our users are our number one priority. Although we are not liable and should not be held accountable for the personal or non-personal information that the users share on the website since it is accessible to any and everyone, even the ones you do not know.

Children’s Privacy:

Press Sublimation is not meant to be accessed by children under the age of thirteen. We do not intend to collect information from children on purpose, although any data collected on the children will be removed from our database.

And as for the individuals between the age of thirteen and seventeen, are permitted to access the website but only under the observation of their parents and/or legal guardians. Although if requested by the parents and/or legal guardians, the data collected from the prospective users will be deleted from the database.


We at Press Sublimation offer you the opportunity to opt-out of our services. If you wish to unsubscribe from the newsletter you can follow the step-by-step instruction to stop receiving the notification regarding the newsletter. Likewise, if you intend to withdraw from getting any promotional offers via email, you can communicate this with us through Contact Us on our website