Silhouette Vs Cricut | Comparative Comparison

Cropping out the design when decorating apparel or any other material is an essential aspect of sublimation printing. The best way to trim the images or designs is with the help of cutting plotters, as they cut the designs with extreme delicacy and perfection. But the biggest question is, which cutting plotter to use and on what basis? Well! You won’t have to worry anymore, as we have come up with Silhouette Vs Cricut analysis so that you can come to a conclusion.


The most prominent difference between Silhouette and Cricut is not the cutting plotters themselves but the software, ease of use, and the final results the machines are able to produce. Cricut has a vast roster of different models and, similarly, Silhouette also comes with distinct variants. In this blog, we’ll walk through the differences between the most popular classifications of Cricut and Silhouette, which are the Maker and Cameo 4 respectively.

Silhouette Vs Cricut:

The most distinguishable factor that differentiates Silhouette from Cricut is the model lines. Cricut mainly has three variations that are Maker, Joy, and Explore. On the other hand, Silhouette comes in four different versions namely Cameo, Alta, Mint, and Portrait.

Silhouette Vs Cricut

Before we go into the details about how the two cutting plotters are different from each other. Let us get ourselves familiarized with the specifications of both the cutting machines.

Silhouette Vs Cricut – Comparison:

CharacteristicsSilhouette Cameo 4Cricut Maker
Dimensions:7.87 x 22.44 x 6.69 inches10.2 x 25.8 x 10.4 inches
Weight:13.77 lbs23.08 lbs
Cutting Force:5000gf4000gf
Cutting Speed:NormalFast
Cutting Size:12, 15, or 24 inches x 10 feet12 x 24 inches
Auto Blade:YesNo
Number of Blades:513
Cross Cutter:YesNo
Dual Carriage:YesYes
Material Thickness:3mm2.4mm
Supported Material:100 (fabric, felt, wood, etc)300+ (fabric, felt, wood, etc)
Bluetooth Support:YesYes
Software:Silhouette Studio BasicCricut Design Space (Free)
Price:$199.99 – $499.99$179.99 – $399.99

Now that we have some sort of basic understanding of Cricut and Silhouette cutting plotters, thanks to the comparison chart above. We believe that it is time to dig further down into the features which will certainly help you with what cutting machine to go with.


The software of a cutting plotter is probably one of the most important features of the machine. The reason behind its significance is that you spend most of your time tweaking the design on the software than you spend with the plotter itself. So, it is better to compare the software of both the Silhouette and Cricut first.

When it comes to Cricut, the software is actually a web-based browser known as Cricut Design Space. In addition to that, the Cricut Design Space application is also available for iOS, meaning that you can design even on your iPad and iPhone. Another plus point for this web browser is that it supports images with SVG formats as well. This makes it hassle-free to import vector designs from Illustrator, Photoshop, and similar applications.

We believe that Silhouette takes the win here. The reason is that the software, silhouette studio can be accessed when offline. Not only that, but the software allows you to access the Silhouette Design Store as well, which comes in handy when you’re just a beginner at designing stuff. One downside of this software is that it is not supportive of SVG formats, so there is literally no way to import files from anywhere else. Unless of course, you pay for it to upgrade the Design Store


The first thing that anyone notices about any piece of equipment are the construction and how exactly the machine is manufactured. Basically, the construction is literally the first and last impression of a device. In simpler terms, the design of a machine can really tell you about its features at first glance. 

As most designers make the most out of tablets and phones to actually create their design, the Cricut Maker comes with enough space to place your tablet and/or mobile device on the machine. Running low on battery? Don’t worry, because the Cricut maker is equipped with a charging port to avoid any operational halts.

Cricut Maker
Cricut Maker

Just like the Cricut, Silhouette never stops evolving as well. One of the major improvements of the Cameo 4 from its predecessors is the touchscreen display. This screen panel comes with an extremely easy-to-use graphical user interface that makes operating the Cameo 4 a joy to use. The user-friendly interface of the display makes designing look like a piece of cake.


Usability & Accessibility:

Cricut has always believed in making things as easier as possible for its users. Hence the reason why Cricut has featured Design Space, it allows you to collaborate with your friends and make aesthetic and cool designs.

Likewise, Silhouette has been constantly improving in terms of user-friendliness as well. The auto blade is a great addition to the cutting press which minimizes the possibility to ruin the design up to a great extent.

Cutting, Weeding, And Results:

Cutting and Weeding the designs are literally the deciding factors that make any cutting plotter superior to the other. In other words, it is basically the fundamental function of cutting machines.

Cricut claims that it can cut through more than 300 various kinds of materials. On top of that, Cricut also comes with three different types of blades which are Rotary Blades, Knife Blades, and last but not least Fine Point Blades. The size is where the Cricut really lacks, as the machine is able to work only within the cutting size of 12 x 24 inches.

On the flip side, Silhouette clearly steals the show when it comes to weeding out the designs. One key enhancement in the Cameo 4, as compared to its previous models, is the cutting force. The cameo 4 has phenomenally upgraded its cutting force from 210gf to a massive 5000gf. Not only that but the speed of the cameo 4 is also improved drastically in comparison with its earlier versions.

Last but not the least, when cutting leather and fabric, Rotary Blades outperform any other cutting plotter. In addition, Craft foam, plastic, and burlap do not stand a chance against silhouette’s Kraft Blade and the Punch Tool works like a charm when trimming vinyl.

Pros & Cons – Silhouette Vs. Cricut:

If the above-explained comparison is not enough for you to make your final decision about which one to go with, then have no fear. Just like every other piece of equipment has its own benefits and drawbacks, so do the Silhouette Cameo 4 and Cricut Maker. For this purpose, we will discuss the pros and cons of each of the cutting presses below.

Silhouette Cameo 4:

A lot quicker and more precise. Features a vinyl roll feeder as well as a cross cutter. User-friendly screen display.
Incompatible with tools from previous models. Does not support the SVG format free of cost.

Cricut Maker:

Features adequate room to place tablets for designing. Able to cut through a wide range of different materials. Design Space is also available as an iOS application.
Requires a stable internet connection to function. Able to cut only 12 x 24 inches.

Conclusion – Which one is Best?

To summarize everything that has been said above, it really comes down to the preference when choosing which cutting plotter to go with. If you prioritize speed and accuracy above everything else, then there is no better option available than the Silhouette.

correspondingly, if you’re someone that likes to create designs out of different materials, then Cricut is just the cutting plotter that you’re looking for. We hope and believe that this encyclopedic analysis regarding silhouette vs Cricut has certainly helped you in forming your final call about which cutting plotter is best.


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