Sublimation On Canvas | Use Sublimation Coating Spray

Sublimation on canvas looks as impossible as doing sublimation with a regular printer. However, thanks to the hacks, you can now sublimate on canvas using the information we have provided in this article. So get your canvas ready to look absolutely stunning and artistic with beautiful sublimation colors.

how to sublimate on canvas

Although, sublimation is merely a polyester fabric thing because of its unique printing ability. Additionally, you can even ruin the whole canvas if you directly start doing sublimation on it without the tricks. Not to mention, it can even cause harm to the sublimation equipment like printers, heat press, etc. Resultantly, a third party or special requirements are necessary that will help you perform a sublimation canvas. So, let’s just get started with that.

List of tools for sublimating on canvas:

The first step is to gather all the necessary sublimation equipment to make sure you are not running out of tools in the middle.

Sublimation printer:

Well obviously, how can you sublimate without a sublimation printer? Though the printer we are using is the Epson EcoTank 2760 and we have converted it first. However, the sublimation printer must be heavy-duty and performance-oriented, in short, best or else the results will be highly affected.

sublimation printer

Sublimation paper:

Sublimation printers are only compatible with sublimation papers only thus sublimation paper is another necessity. Though, a sublimation paper is where you will get your sublimation design first. The design, as well as the size of the paper, must be aligned with the canvas you are using to get your final results.

Sublimation Paper

Heat press machine:

A heat press is required for transferring the design onto the canvas. Here again, watch out for the size it’s offering to have the uncut sublimation on art canvas.

Heat press machine

Sublimation coat spray:

The above three things are of no use if you don’t have the sublimation spray. Basically, it is the secret to how you can perform sublimation on canvas. However, you can use the sublimation coating you have, in case you are hearing about coatings for the first time, you can simply get DIY GAME sublimation coating spray. It’s affordable, user-friendly, and has much better results.

Sublimation coat spray

Process of Sublimation Canvas:

The process involves the following steps.

Step 1. Get the designs ready on sublimation paper:

The first thing is to get the design finalized you are going to print on canvas. Now take out the sublimation paper and get it printed using the printer. Here you have kept aside the printer paper and moved to the next step.

Step 2. Preparing canvas for sublimation:

Cotton can not be sublimated because of its closed pores. Therefore, we need a sublimation spray to laminate the canvas and get it wet to absorb the sublimation prints thus you technically can’t perform sublimation on canvas without laminate. Though, it doesn’t change the quality and looks of the canvas. However, you can also use polyester or poly duck canvas for sublimation to avoid the process. Apart from that, you can also do sublimation on dollar tree canvas.

As for the process, however, you will use the heat press, canvas, and the sublimation coating spray. Begin with turning on the heat press and set it at a temperature of 365 degrees for 40 seconds. In the meantime, spray the canvas with the sublimation coating spray all over to get it moist.

After getting the heat pressed perfectly warmed up for 40 seconds, place the canvas at the bottom to get it dry at a timer of 15 seconds. Although, you can remove the frame or keep it within depending on the size of the heat prize. Either way, the quality remains the same and in case of removing it, you can stick it back with the help of any adhesive.

Repeat the process again with the second coat of sublimation spray and your canvas will be ready to face the sublimation design and adapt it in true colors.

Step 3. Assembling:

Finally, put the sublimation design upside down onto the canvas. Stick it using the tape so the design will stay still. Put it in the heat press for 40 seconds at a high temperature. After 40 seconds, remove the canvas along with the sublimation print and be carfu8ll while pulling out the design and you are done with sublimation on the canvas.


By using sublimation coating spray, you can absolutely perform sublimation on a canvas frame. Though, using the frame can be a personal preference as with what you feel is more convenient.

Canvas bags can be sublimated requiring certain criteria. Here you have to get the bag sprayed with water to get it wet and then use the heat press. Though, sublimation canvas bags applies the same process as we used in this article to do for canvas frames.

Shoes that are not made of polyester can be sublimated using a heat press and sublimation coating spray. However, the placing must be proper that fits the size and thickness of the shoes in accord with the heat press.


Lastly, let us summarize the whole sublimation on canvas fabric thing for you in case you are forgetting any key points. Get the tools of good quality first and make sure you have all of them in use. Repeat the coating two times on canvas and heat them for 15 seconds each. Remember to preheat the heat press and then assemble the parts in the heat press for 40 seconds. Pull the paper and that’s it.

Don’t forget to tell us how were your experience doing sublimation on canvas in the comment sections. See you soon!


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