Sublimation on Glitter HTV | All you Need to Know

You must be disappointed in the fact that you can’t find a way to sublimate without polyester. What if I let you in on a secret and tell you that there EXISTS a way to transfer designs on non-sublimation-friendly materials as well which is sublimation on glitter HTV.

Sublimation On Glitter

Glitter HTV gives you the opportunity to sublimate fabrics such as cotton without messing up the quality. This process is by far my favorite method of sublimating garments other than polyester. The ecstatic colors I get by using this type of sublimation left me in awe.

Sublimation On Glitter HTV

Sublimation on Glitter HTV is a channel that allows you to sublimate designs and images on different types of fabrics made of cotton and polyester along with several other materials including coffee mugs and wallets etc.

Sublimation On Glitter HTV

Before we jump into the details about how to sublimate by using glitter htv. There are a few must-have pieces of equipment that I suggest (and also use myself) the sublimation enthusiasts to get for the optimum results.

The Essentials:

Although I highly recommend and encourage the readers to use these items for a picture-perfect outcome. But at the end of the day, it is totally up to you to go with them or not. Remember, these ingredients are not necessary, so you can choose to opt for the things that you are most comfortable with.

Sublimation Printer:

How can you sublimate without a sublimation printer right? So it is obvious that you’re gonna have to need one of those. Although you can opt for ready-to-go sublimation designs but it is way better to own a sublimation printer to fulfill your sublimation needs.

In my case, I am using Sawgrass SG800. I myself have tried many different sublimation printers but the SG800 stands out the most with its vivid outputs when it comes to Sublimation on Glitter HTV.

Vinyl Cutter:

vinyl cutter machine

CONGRATS! You have got your design in your hand. Now comes the hard part. If you’re good at art and craft, it will be a piece of cake for you. As I have always had a bad experience cutting things out inaccurately. I use Cricut to cut out my designs rather than craft cutters or scissors.

For a very detailed and fine cut out of your design. I also suggest you to go with Cricut. Not only is it efficient in terms of precision. But at the same time, it also saves your time when printing in bulk.

Heat Press:

Heat Press machine

Having a heat press is also one of the most essential tools for sublimation printing. You can’t get your design imprinted onto a subject if you don’t have a reliable heat press. It does not matter what heat press you use for sublimation as long as it delivers a high temperature.

I use SURPCOS Heat Press Machine when I’m about to perform sublimation. The prime reason is the temperature range that it offers which is 0 to 480 °F. In addition to that, the heat press comes with a printing area of 12 x 15 inches.

Glitter HTV:

Glitter HTV

Last but not the least, you’re gonna have to own a ton of glitter htv for sublimating on things that are not polyester. In my case, I prefer Siser’s Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl as it provides remarkable results. Add the Sawgrass SG800 to the mix and you will get nothing but the best imprints that you desire.

How To Sublimate Using Glitter HTV:

Now you have got all the necessary machinery and tools and all the equipment you need to sublimate. For your convenience, I have broken down each and every single step, covering all the details with reference to sublimation on glitter htv. So sit back, relax and enjoy scrolling through the fundamentals step for sublimation.

  1. First and foremost, you’re gonna have to get your design or pattern printed. I use my trusty Sawgrass SG800 sublimation printer as the resolution this beast offers is top-notch. Along with that, I also use sublimation paper of premium quality to imprint the design. I prefer A-SUB sublimation paper solely due to its thickness

Remember: Always flip or mirror the image before you actually start printing the design.

  1. Crop the design by using digital software (I use solar studio) or manually cut the print with extreme precaution and delicacy.
  2. Preheat the heat press. Just turn the heat press on and let it heat for about 30-40 seconds.
  3. Place the printed image onto the glitter heat transfer vinyl and put a layer of Teflon sheet on top of it.
  4. Now heat the put the heat press on top of it for about 60 seconds. Make sure that the temperature is about 400 °F. Anything higher than this temperature can ruin the design by burning it. Likewise, anything lower than it might not transfer the design properly.
  5. Remove the heat press and the Teflon sheet and you’ll see that design has been sublimated successfully. Let it cool down for a bit.
  6. Get your favorite shirt out and press it neatly so it is wrinkle-free. You can also skim the shirt with a lint roller so that no additional dust particles are left on the shirt.
  7. Finally, for transferring the design onto the shirt, just align the image properly and put the heat press at 400 °F for about 30 seconds which is more than enough.

Some More Additional Tips:

  • Before printing the design on the sublimation paper, make sure you add boundaries or markings. This way, your design would have an outline which will make it hassle-free to cut the design. I prefer to use Photoshop as I have a grip on the software. But it’s totally up to you which program you use.
  • Only use white glitter htv sheets. The reason why I refrain from using colored glitter sheets is that there is always a chance that the colors might get mixed when sublimating.

Final Thoughts:

Now that you are aware of how to sublimate using glitter htv. Grab yourself a sublimation printer, a pair of sublimation paper, and some htv sheets and get sublimating. I hope that the information that I have provided in this article is more than enough and will come in handy for sure when dealing with the subject of sublimation on glitter htv.


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