Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions of Press Sublimation explain the terms of use under which you are allowed to use this website.

If you wish to continue to access this site, you automatically agree to all the terms and conditions mentioned in this document. Press Sublimation constantly makes amendments to its Terms & Conditions therefore it is requested to visit the site time and time again. If you do not agree with the practices mentioned in this document, then we highly advise you not to access this website.


All the material uploaded on the website including any text, pictures, graphics, and all the other content is a property of Sublimation Press. All the content on the website is secured and protected by the copyright law of the United States.

Press Sublimation permits you to use any content (which is text, image, graphic, etc.) but for non-commercial use only. If we become aware that you have produced, copied, or used any of the material that is the intellectual property of Press Sublimation, then it will be taken down immediately.


All the logos, watermarks, and pictures that are displayed on the website are the property of Sublimation Press alone. Usage of these watermarks and logos is strictly prohibited. Press Sublimation is licensed to all these materials and holds the right to allow you to use these logos and watermarks yourself. But only in the manner that is described in this document, otherwise serious action will be taken against the individuals who violate these laws.

User Submission:

Press Sublimation encourages its users to interact with us. We allow the visitors on our website to engage with us in the form of leaving a comment, reaching out for a problem, sending emails for any sort of inconvenience they face etc.

We provide you the opportunity to send us your queries and other materials that you would like but beware, Press Sublimation holds the right to make changes to the information you provide or do not take into consideration your submission at all. In any case, you are responsible for the consequences of your actions.

We at Press Sublimation highly suggest you refrain from the following:

  • Provide us with the information or data that is not your property, or in other words, copyrighted. If you would like to offer us content, then make sure you are the sole owner of that content. If we get to know that the information provided is not entirely yours, then it will be removed at that instant.
  • Provide us with such information that violates the rights (intellectual, property, privacy, or public) of our website or any other individual. If found out, that content will be erased straight away.
  • Offer us the data or information that is ethically unacceptable, which includes content that is abusive, racial, maligning, slandering, threatening, harassing, hateful, etc. to either Press Sublimation or any other individual. Upon receiving such content, you will be blocked from our website at once.
  • Transmit such content that goes violates and goes against the law.
  • Any sort of material with the intention of threatening the security of the website.
  • Send information about your own business for the sake of self-promotion.

Liability Constraint:

We make no promises if the website will function with maximum accuracy, there always lies a chance of error. Along with that, we cannot guarantee that the servers or the website itself do not contain any sort of harmful viruses. If you continue to access this website and you face any kind of issues, the website will take no responsibility for such matters. Therefore in any case of loss of data or information, Press Sublimation is not to be held accountable under such circumstances.

Disclaimer Of Damage:

You may continue to use this site at your own risk. There may be a chance of your data or information being hacked and/or stolen. There is a risk of your personal as well as non-personal data might fall into the hands of people that might pose a threat to you. We highly suggest you not to engage in any type of activity that will result in you bearing a hefty cost.

We at Press Sublimation strive to offer you with authentic material and/or content. Although we are unable to give you the assurance that every data displayed on the website is error-free or risk-free. In case of any damage or loss of data or information that might result in expenses or cost, Press Sublimation is not liable in any situation.


The sites that are up on the site are the property of third parties. The intention behind providing you with the links is for your own ease and comfort. Although, Press Sublimation does not take responsibility for the content that is displayed on the linked sites.

Likewise, we do not guarantee how safe these linked sites are. In case you visit the linked website which results in you losing your data or damaging your system, Press Sublimation will take no blame for anything. Hence the reason why we suggest you to visit these sites after completely assessing all the possibilities.

Protection Against Loss:

By accessing this website, you are agreeing to all the terms and conditions laid in this document that Press Sublimation won’t be held accountable in case of any or all information loss or damage to the system. If you do disagree with any of the terms or conditions mentioned, then please contact us at [email protected]

Privacy Policy:

In order to get more information regarding the Privacy Policy of Press Sublimation. Please click here.

Dispute Settlement:

All the terms and conditions discussed in this document are governed by the laws of the United States. If any term or condition is found to be ineffective by the law, the inaccuracy of these terms or conditions would not have any sort of effect on the validity of the remaining terms and conditions.

In short, all the terms, as well as conditions that are stated here, are an agreement expressing how the site is to be used by the users.