What Printers Can Be Used For Sublimation?

If you have ever bought a sublimation printer, you must be got puzzled about the listing that says either “uses thermal technology” or “uses heat technology”. Now, guess who’s suffering after getting that one with thermal technology.

what printers can be used for sublimation

Considering that, there are a lot of printers on the internet while many of them claimed to be a sublimation printers probably made you ask “can you use any printer for sublimation?” to which the simple answer is “NO”.

The reason is, that sublimation itself is a very tactical process, and expecting any printer to do that will only get you disappointed. In addition, it can also get your printer defected so be mindful of that. In the next sections, we have explained what printers you can use for sublimation and what not?

Can you use any Printer for Sublimation?

Can you use any Printer for Sublimation

So, Which printers can do sublimation printing? Well, there are only a few printers that you can use for sublimation. Even though, there’s not even a unique sublimation printer brand. They are solely produced by Epson, Mistubishi, Sawgrass Canon, and a few low-profile brands.

Despite that, being in the sublimation world we often see people using the terms “hp sublimation printer” and “Brother sublimation printer” which is what compelled us to write this article. Because of these terms’ overuse, many people inquire about their sublimation technology so get straight to the facts.

What brother printers can be used for sublimation?

Few of the brother printers can be used for the sublimation and that includes those that use Piezo heat Technology. However, the issue with the brother sublimation printer is, that they don’t make sublimation ink can likely bring you to the following drawbacks.

  • The images will be blurry and unclear, even the accuracy won’t be up to the mark.
  • The designs are fuzzy and smudged.
  • There are no replaceable ink cartridges for the Brother printers.

Due to their ink issue, brother printers can not be a wise choice for a sublimation printer if you are planning a long-term printing even or a small business because sooner or later you’ll get annoyed by the least quality of prints it provides let aside the hassle.

What Hp printer can be used for sublimation and how to convert an HP printer to a sublimation printer?

Honestly, NO ONE! There’s no printer of Hp that can be used for sublimation specifically for small business and home use. In addition, hp printers cannot be converted to sublimation since they are non-convertible.

Though for large-scale businesses, there are a few Hp printers that do support sublimation but the price is at around $8000 plus they are way bulky which is definitely not your cup of tea. However, buying a Hp printer will furthermore demand you to buy sublimation ink for the hp printer plus the maintenance will be also beyond thinkable so leave the idea right there.

What Canon printers can be used for sublimation?

The question should actually be “can a canon printer be used for sublimation?” because a Canon sublimation printer too, cannot be originally used for sublimation printing.

Though, the brand does offer a dye-sublimation printer technology that allows you to use photos with it so don’t be confused about that. For the photo booths, they are a great option but for sublimation, don’t expect a thing from them.

Additionally, the same is the case with Mitsubishi dye-sublimation printers. They use thermal technology which is not helpful for the sublimation. Furthermore, printers of this type do not allow you to have your papers inserted and that’s why you can’t transfer for the sublimation purpose.

Finally, we are left with the Epson brand, being one of the dominant brands of sublimation printers after Sawgrass. Yet the concern still is, that there are hundreds of printers that Epson produces.

Can any Epson printer be used for sublimation?

Though the majority of the people in the sublimation community use Epson [printers, and they have a vast range of sublimation printers. Yet again, only those printers compatible with sublimation ink can be used for sublimation.

Luckily, there is a wide variety of EPSON Printers that support sublimation ink and they are easily convertible too so you can have any model from the workforce or the EcoTank series.

In addition, they are never out of the stock, unlike sawgrass. Above and else, they are affordable and offer one of the easiest, most reliable, and high-end resolution printing. Some of the models of Epson initially come with the sublimation ink and they are what you can say “an actual and original sublimation printer”.

Are sawgrass printers good for sublimation?

Sawgrass printers, being the most dominant and versatile brand of sublimation have some high-end printers in their lineup. The reason being, that they are specifically designed to do the job of sublimation which left you with no cause to question the quality.

However, the only flip side of these printers is; that they are mostly unavailable so in urgency, you gotta get the Epson else no choice.


Inkjet printers that support sublimation ink use can be used for sublimation. For an inkjet printer to be used for the sublimation, must be “convertible”.

Canon printers, though, support dye-sublimation technology which is why you can sublimation ink in the Canon printers but you cannot use transfer technology with Canon printers.

Regular printers cannot be used for sublimation. The science behind it totally revolves around the ink system. Even if you change the regular ink top sublimation, there are 80% of you’ll make a mess.


We hope you got your answer to “Can any printer do sublimation”. In a nutshell, although, only those printers that use heat technology for printing can be used for sublimation. Considering this, getting any of the HP or brother won’t help you in any case.

Although thermal sublimation printers like Canon, Mitsubishi, Evolis, etc are non-convertible to the sublimation yet you can use them for photo printing. Rather than for transfers. Finally, there’s Epson, which can’t get you wrong for sublimation while there’s nothing better than the Sawgrass.

Hope it’s pretty much clear what printers can be used for sublimation to you and we quite expect you to not get mistaken the next time you buy sublimation printers.


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